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Different Types Of Courier Services In London UK

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London Courier Service

In recent times, the e-commerce website has started globally increasing, courier delivery services grow in essential. The global courier market has provided to increase up to twenty percent, which includes a wide range of needs, like domestic and international shipping. London courier service comprises of numerous services for the delivery of documents, portable goods, and mails. There are several types of products involved, depending on the customer’s need they offer services. In case you are planning to professional courier services to parcel your goods, it is advisable to choose the service that will meet your expectations.

Hence, there are numerous courier services to opt from, which you should choose considering several factors.

Types Of Courier Services In London UK

The parcel shipping companies can be divided into a few major categories. Also, some courier service providers diversify in specific types of shipping. Then, there are London courier service who cover various types of deliveries as possible, which are as follows-


Standard Courier Services In London

This type of courier service is standard and limited within the average set of parameters. In this type, you will get deliveries for a small to medium-size package, which weighs below 100 pounds. However, standard courier services aren’t preferred for business, which can’t anticipate the weight of the package, and can be costly.


Rush and On-Demand Courier Services In London

It is wise to have access to express courier services for emergencies, like customer returns, medical emergencies, or shipment of important documents. The on-demand courier services are not always reliable at your average courier. On same-day delivery services aren’t provided by all courier service providers, either. However, rush delivery service includes a pick-up and drop on the same-day to a nearby location.


International Courier Services In London

This type of courier service cost high compared to standard courier service providers. The international courier service providers have access to major connections with tax discounts, port authorities, and the acquisition of permits. These services also include sea and air freight. Therefore, it is important to find a courier service provider that expertise in international shipping, to stay legal as all nations are not easily accessible for political reasons.


Additional Services In London

Besides the already mentioned types of delivery, courier services may provide any of the followings-


  1. Luggage Delivery:

    Other than large packages, courier service providers can be convenient for the delivery of luggage. This will save you the money and time required for moving your luggage during long business trips. Also, to avoid damaged or broken luggage by hiring a courier service wrap it in protective coverings. They can pick-up, ship, as well as drop-off your luggage at your desired location. This service includes electronic tracking info, just like other important document shipments. It also involves standard shipping confirmation, so that no one else can sign for your luggage.


  1. Pallet Shipments and Warehousing:

    The pallet shipment services are mostly hired by high volume businesses to get the product shipped across the globe, which further helps in tracking of inventory. It is also the responsibility of courier service providers to make arrangements for pallets. A few of them have their warehouse so by hiring them, you don’t have to hire any third party. The lesser hands that your parcel has to go through, is mostly recommended.


  1. Extra Insurance: 

    The other important aspect of parcel delivery services are types of delivery insurance, as the standard shipping insurance only covers on-package value. For things that contain greater value than standard rates, need to have extra insurance while courier. The courier service providers that offer extra insurance options are trustworthy and confident with their skills.


With numerous courier service providers out there in London, it can be difficult to filter the best and reliable. After you have anconcept about the different types of courier delivery service, you can start researching companies. You also can search for customer reviews and testimonials to select one of the best courier service providers.

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