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September 24, 2021

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Dark Souls Dragon : Dark Souls 3 : How To Transform Into A Dragon

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Dark Souls Dragon

Since the beginning of the Dark Souls series, dragon stones have been a part of it. It’s no surprise that they are also included in the most recent installment. Dark Souls players have the ability to transform into dragons.

Be aware that spoilers are ahead before you start. It is recommended that players should only continue playing after they have completed the Consumed King’s Garden. This will reduce spoilers.

The Dragon Head Stone or Dragon Torso Stone are required to transform into a dragon. You should also mention that the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone, and Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone are available in the game. However, these stones have more moves than the other stones without Twinkling.

Dragon Torso Stone

The Dragon Torso Stone, which is located in the Irithyll Dungeon’s open area, is the first item that you can obtain. Start at the Bonfire and go straight ahead to the prisons. The bridge connecting the two cells blocks to your left should be visible. Cross it, then turn left. You’ll see a ledge to your left. Continue on your way until you reach an elevator.

After you have gotten down, you can go outside to see a skeleton of a dragon or a statue of it. You can simply pillage the remains to get on your way.

Dragon Head Stone

The Dragon Head Stone can be obtained by defeating the Ancient Wyvern boss at Archdragon Peak. However, it is a bit difficult to obtain.

First, you will need the Path of the Dragon Emote. You can get it by defeating Oceiros, Oceiros’s Consumed King. It is located behind his bedroom. We have the following resources to help you find your boss: That can assist you. You should have taken down the Dancer in the Boreal Valley in order to gain access to the Consumed King’s Garden.

Go down the stairs once you reach the second room behind the chamber. Be aware that there is an enemy just around the corner. Keep moving after the enemy has been defeated. Soon, you will come across the corpse with the Path of the Dragon gesture.

Once you have it, go back to the place you found the Dragon Torso Stone. There, you will find the Dragon Skeletal of the Dragon you obtained it from. After a cutscene, use the Path of the Dragon Emote there to transport yourself to Archdragon Peak.

Once you have reached the secret area, continue down the path until the Ancient Wyvern is visible. As a reward, defeat the dragon head stone.

Notice:You can now turn into a Dragon at this point. However, acquiring Twinkling Dragon Stones will allow you to perform more Dragon moves, as previously mentioned.

Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone

Head to Archdragon Peak’s Great Belfry Bonfire to obtain the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone. Continue along the path, taking down Serpentmen and other foes until you reach the finish. You’ll see an altar where the Path of the Dragon gesture can be used again. You’ll find the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone after you wait a while.

Head Stone for Twinkling Dragon

Talk to Andre at the Firelink Shrine to get Hawkwood’s Swordgrass message. Once you have it, go to Farron Keep’s Abyss Watchers bonfire to meet Hawkwood.

You can lose to him and he will take your Dragon Stones. However, you can always take him back to claim what is yours. You’ll be awarded the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone after defeating him.

How to Turn into a Dragon

You just need to take off all your armor and use Dragon Stones. You can’t return to normal after you turn into a dragon unless you are killed.

The Twinkling versions have a lot more to offer than the regular Dragon Head Stone. However, the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone gives you two massive dragon limbs that you can use to attack.

Your weapons will still work in dragon form and you’ll be more resistant to fire. However, without armor gears you are less vulnerable to physical attacks so make sure you take your new transformation for a spin in PVP.

Last but not least: You can use the Dragon Stones as many times you like, so you don’t have to worry about running out of charge or something along those lines.

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