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Cultivate a Glorious Career With Cavendish University Uganda

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Cavendish University Uganda

Good education is the foundation to a good life, as it helps gain knowledge, enhances perspective and boosts social skills. It opens up the doors to better work opportunities, which eventually translates into better quality of life. Choosing a good institution for higher studies is very important since this is what sets the course of the rest of your life. And Cavendish University Uganda, one of the best universities in Uganda, helps you to maximise your potential and hit the highest benchmark of excellence.

Established in 2008, Cavendish University Uganda is accredited and licensed by UNCHE, or Uganda National Council for Higher Education, and has four fully functioning faculties- Science and Technology, Business and Management, Socio-Economic Sciences and Law, and also a School of Postgraduate Studies. The courses are offered in certificate, bachelors and masters degrees as well as diploma formats.

All the faculties are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal learning ecosystem. Students have access to highly trained and experienced instructors as well as varied support services that enrich their school-life experience. The student community is vibrant, and comes from various cultural backgrounds.

The university application system specifies that Cavendish University is open to all persons, national and international, without discrimination. A student who fulfills the entry requirements for the programme and level applied for, is admitted into that academic programme. Admissions are guided by the National Council for Higher Education and require the approval of the Senate.

You will also be entitled to a 50% rebate on the registration fee if you pay it within the first two weeks of the semester. You can also avail of a 10% off on the entire semester cost when you pay the tuition fees in full before the fourth week of semester.The referral programme is also another great way to avail discounts on your tuition- get your friends enrolled at Cavendish University and earn a discount of 10% for every referral.

In the face to face mode of learning at Cavendish University,are provided teaching schedules and module descriptions in advance. Concepts and topics are introduced and explained in detail via tutorial questions along with detailed case studies, ensuring participatory learning. Online mode of teaching is also deployed to leverage the penetration of internet.

One of the top contenders on the list of universities in Uganda, Cavendish University believes in nurturing talent at the earliest stage.The foundation programme empowers you with skills that will help you succeed in the Bachelor’s degree programmes. These are short programmes that enable students with insufficient grades in UACE to prepare for entrance into degree/diploma courses, and also make them aware of the university life culture.

The Masters degree programme at Cavendish University enables you to become not just qualified but also adds a new dimension to your personality and transforms you into a responsible professional that employers are seeking.

Keeping the convenience of students at its core, Cavendish University has also made it simple for working adults to earn a university degree. You will not need to compromise with your existing work for this purpose- work during the day, and study in the evening.

Flexibility is Cavendish University’s forte, and the distance learning programme is all about flexibility, and students are provided tablets to study from the comfort of their home. The programme encompasses diploma courses as well as bachelor and masters degrees, so you can study from anywhere you are! As an alternative to conventional classroom based mode of learning, distance learning is great for those who cannot attend regular classes. Allowing online submissions of assignments and quizzes, it offers an adaptive learning platform where students get alerts on grades and revisions and study schedule and collaborate via messages, chats and forums.

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