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Coronavirus From China-How Dangerous It Is?

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Coronavirus Mask

With more than 1750 recorded deaths detail, the number of the case is increasing day by day in china. A total of 9 percent of people get killed who were infected by the SARS. MERS is more deadly which killed one-third of those infected by this virus. While the new coronavirus is more spreading in china than SARS. 


Global airlines are suspending their flights and even some governments have banned the entry of people who have recently been to the Asian countries. The rapidly spreading of the virus which has oriented in the central city of Wuhan in the last December. More than 24 countries have been detected from this virus since last December.


Approx 80,000 people get infected in which at least 1,800 has bee n killed in the mainland of china without recovery. Death from many other countries like hong kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, and France is confirmed.


Coronavirus Cases in China

Coronavirus Cases in China

We do not know exactly how many people get infected but we can trust the numbering shown by the different data from china which represents the overall number of cases. Here we are representing the data on coronavirus in numbers.


Confirmed cases Recovered deaths
72528 12561 1875


The source of this data is taken from the World Health Organization on 18 February. This is the current data from china, it may vary if you are looking after several days. There are various foods to avoid in coronavirus to prevent the infection.

How 2019 Coronavirus Spreads

Coronavirus Spreads

Every year between 2,90,000 to 65,000 people could die from the common cold. However, it is too early to estimate the fatality rate of 2019- nCov as this is the early stage of its outbreak.And just like the common cold, this new coronavirus has no specific treatment or medicine for its prevention.

How dangerous is this new coronavirus? can be judged by its transmissibility. According to research at Howard University in the united state, the infected person could transfer this new coronavirus to up to three-person.

Current data shows that this virus is far more infectious and more contagious. In a single week, this new virus has spread up to more than 28,000 people.

Coronavirus Transmission

Coronavirus Transmission

There is not a big deal of research about how this new coronavirus is spreading or transmitting from one person to another. However, some assumptions are believed including the secretion of fluid from the respiratory system. 


The New Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted Due To The Following Reasons:

  • Not using tissue while coughing and sneezing.
  • Being in contact with the affected people with this new coronavirus.
  • Touching to the surface contaminated with this virus.
  • Using unhygienic toilets because in a rare condition it can spread due to the contact with feces.

More Chances To Grow Coronavirus

More Chances To Grow Coronavirus

In the cooler area or winter season, the chances of spreading this new coronavirus get an increase.that’s why people of the united state are more likely to come in contact with this virus in the winter season. However, the disease is still active throughout the rest of the year.

The changes to contact this disease get increases in young and old people. It is said that most people will be having at least one coronavirus in their whole life and can be infected by more than one coronavirus. Due to its mutating ability of this new coronavirus, it is so contagious.

How To Prevent From Coronavirus

How To Prevent From Coronavirus

AS we discussed earlier there is no direct medication to prevent this new coronavirus. However, we can prevent its transmission by adopting some good activity like:

  • Be sure to stay at home when you are seeking.
  • Do rest while experiencing any health issues.
  • Avoid close contact with any people suffering from this virus.
  • Use a good quality of mask before stepping out.
  • Covering mouth and nose using hanky or tissue while sneezing or coughing.
  • please dispose of the used tissue carefully at the right place.


This is the time to take proper care of yourself and your family to prevent this new coronavirus. Be updated all the time about the latest news from any world health organization. I hope this article will bring some important tips to prevent this virus. For any query related to this article, please feel free to drop down a message below.

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