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Command And Conquer Generals Rise Of The Reds

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Command And Conquer Generals Rise Of The Reds

What is Rise of the Reds exactly?

C&C Generals:

Zero Hour – Generals Rise Of The Reds has an enhancement mod called Rise of the Reds. ROTR is an expansion of the original game’s design and adds two new factions, and new Generals to join the fray. However, it retains the overall design elements of its predecessor.

Is it possible to play this mod online?

Yes. You will need to find ROTR players to play with. You can find many people who play ROTR online in the Mod Maps section of Generals On-line. To arrange games online, you can contact other members of the forum. We have also set up ROTR Hamachi channels for players to play online together.

Why did you choose to use the Alpha Generals as the original factions?

Rise of the Reds actually consists of three mods. The new Rise of the Reds is a combination of three mods: the “Alpha Generals” mod that changes the original generals in the game to these modified generals, Rise of the Reds, Rise of the Reds, the addition of Russia and Rise of Europe; the introduction of the European Continental Army to the games – all of which create the new Rise of the Reds.

This mod will host tournaments.

We will hold our first ROTR tournament within a month of the mod’s release. After the mod is released, we plan to create other tournaments.

Rise of the Reds, or ROTR as it is commonly known, improves on the Command And Conquer Generals formula and adds its own unique elements. The mod introduces two new factions: the tank-heavy Russian Federation, and the defense-oriented European Continental Alliance. The original three factions China (USA), GLA and Russia (Russia) have been significantly expanded and redesigned in many ways. You can also find new buildings, units, powers, and abilities that you can combine with your in-game strategies. ROTR changes certain game mechanics to make it a new and exciting experience. ROTR’s technology progression system is based on three levels. It also includes a more detailed counter system between anti-air and air units. There’s also an emphasis on specialist scouting and detection units, which make stealth tactics more feasible than in the original game. The mod brings many cosmetic updates, amazing special effects, custom sounds, and voice overs to enhance the gameplay experience.

In April 2015, the most recent version 1.85 released. The release included many new units, special abilities, and visual overhauls for each faction. It was also tied to the debut of This online multiplayer service is organically embedded in ROTR executable. This allows you to engage in exciting multiplayer battles across the globe via a virtual network.

Version 2.0 will be the next major release. Generals will return to the game. You can choose from 15 new sub-factions (3 for each faction) that continue to exploit the tactical themes of the parent factions. ROTR’s subfactions will not be selected during match setup like Zero Hour, where they were. Instead, they will be chosen right before the battle begins. This is the original intention of Generals, which was released in beta form. Vanilla factions from Zero Hour will not be available in the 2.0 version. Two story-driven campaigns are planned and a new game mode similar to Zero Hour’s famous Generals Challenge are some of the additional features.

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