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Causes Of Heart Attack

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Heart Attack

There are several factors that may put one at risk of developing heart problems. Among such factors are:

have found that those who eat foods high in cholesterol are usually

more at risk of heart diseases than those who do not or at least try to

cut down on their cholesterol intakes. A sedentary lifestyle also

contributes to heart problems. Physical exercise is equally important. We should try to cultivate the habit of engaging in exercises, especially the acrobatic ones.


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This includes

walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and cycling. These types of

exercises, among other things, strengthens the heart and increases the

oxygen and energy levels in the blood. to long term

clogging of the arteries and leading to a heart attack or

stroke also high salt intake is not good for the health of your heart.


Hypertension and heart failure are two conditions that share similar characteristics. One could precipitate the other, which sometimes result in death. Hypertension is also is a consistent increase in blood pressure, higher than 140/90, hypertension is also  a predisposing factor, because when the heart pressure is consistently high it could damage the nerves that generate blood in the heart.

The most common none-commutable

a disease affecting many people(adult) is hypertension and they do not

know they are hypertensive and very few of those who knew were on



Warning Signs Of Heart Attack

Several people complain about chest like:


chest pain(angina), which could be after an exercise often described as a sense of strangling or choking.


*Tightness, heaviness, compression or constriction of the chest.




*Tiredness or shortness of breath when climbing stairs.

*Rapid beating of the heart (palpitation).

Other signs include:





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the feeling of illness or discomfort. The typical site of angina pain in the

chest is under the sternum radiating to, particular the left upper arm

and occasionally to the left jaw(mandible)or rarely to the teeth,tongue

or palate(roof of the mouth) and can be relieved by rest.


consult a cardiologist on any heart-related problem!

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