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Can You Wear Clip In Hair Extensions Everyday?

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It’s a question that has been getting asked by many celebrities and those who aspire to look glamorous; can you wear clip in hair extensions every day? Well, the short answer is yes, as long as the clip in hair extensions are put on and attached safely and securely to your head. The length of time you are planning to use the hair extension is very important.

When you think about it, putting in hair extensions will give you longer hair with different kinds of styles and types of textures, giving you a completely new look. You can add styles and textures, ranging from straight, wavy, curly and all the other styles to your hair with the help of these hair extensions. This is what makes this form of hair extension look so good.

Clip in hair extensions are safe and are generally applied on a regular basis. Therefore, the best way to care for the hair extension is by following the maintenance steps mentioned below.

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First of all, you should ensure that the hair extension is always attached firmly. That means the hair pieces need to be glued well on the scalp, if not properly glued. Ensure that there is no air between the two hair pieces as this may make them loosen, which may damage the hair pieces. Also, ensure that you keep them away from sunlight and direct light for the safety of the hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions are generally available in a number of colors. You can get your favorite color, hair style or you can even pick something unusual. As per the requirements of the model, you can purchase hair extensions with various lengths and different styles to suit every occasion.

To keep your hair extensions looking great and shiny, you should rinse the hair extensions once in a while in warm water. You can also use shampoo to wash them after each use. If you want to make the hair look good, always wash your hair with a mild shampoo that is suitable for the color or style you have chosen.

You should never brush your hair every day. Brush your hair after a bath or at least once a week. Brush the hair when the hair extensions are wet to remove any dirt or oil that may cause clumping of the hair.

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When you are wearing clip in hair extensions every day, there are some precautions you should follow. Ensure that the hair extension is safe before using. Also, ensure that you use a quality adhesive for your clip in hair extensions.

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