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Can A Digital Marketing Team Work Remotely?

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Whether your business is in the initial stages of growth or looking to expand soon, it will always need more funding. However, besides pitching directly to investors, you can sometimes attract financiers and acquire the startup capital you need by having a good website for your business. Your company website is typically a prospective investor’s first impression of your business. Here are a few practical ways to attract the right investors and compel them to fund your business.

Create an investor relations page

Websites attract various visitors, including investors, existing clients, new customers, and potential employees, to name a few. All these visitors have varying motives and are looking for specific information.

You can create an investor relation page to guide investors to the right information. The page may include relevant information such as press releases on extra funding, opportunities for investors, and the benefits of supporting your business. Make sure to offer direct and comprehensive notes of these aspects. The better you explain, the more chance you stand.

Give your website an impressive design

Building a site that inspires people to work with you isn’t easy. You might need to hire a professional web design company, such as Bizango, which has years of experience building clean and impressive websites. Professional web designers know how to visually convey trust with the latest web design trends.   

An impressive web design makes a huge difference in your business’s success. A high-quality website will exhibit potential with the initial look, so it would be best to be keen on your web design. Your website appearance will determine how the target audience will perceive your business and directly impact your brand image.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Although investors are more likely to use desktops when looking for investment opportunities, this shouldn’t stop you from creating a mobile-friendly site. That’s because you will never know when an investor will discover your business through a social media post.

In addition, a lot of internet browsing happens on mobile devices nowadays. Just like many businesspeople, investors are also busy and tend to consume information when they are on the go. Therefore, they are likely to tap away if they have difficulty navigating your site and digesting information on their small screens.

To attract the right investors, you need to have a business site that is accessible and works on cross-platforms, including smartphones and desktops. You can use a mobile-friendly test to know how your site displays on various devices.

Optimize your web content

Content is the king when designing a website, especially if you want to improve your funding. Quality content leaves a positive mark on your website and ensures a high ranking on the search engine result page (SERP).

Developing quality content can be challenging, but the rewards make it worth it. Therefore, you should create quality content beneficial for your targeted audience, paying special attention to relevant video content.


A website that makes a good impression is vital for attracting investors to your business. With a quality web design that conveys social trust, content tailored towards investors, a mobile-friendly site, and a page dedicated to giving investors valuable information, you are setting up your website to impress. Ensure your website is pulling its weight, and you will have no trouble acquiring the fund you need to grow and expand your business.

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