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Best Essay Writing Tips For Students

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Best Essay Writing Tips For Students 2021

Do you dread writing essays? That is a tough situation to live through all your college years. There is something you can do to love essay writing. Meanwhile, you can deal with college essay for sale online and create more time for personal projects as well as boost your performance.

Essay writing helps you to express your academic ideas and obtain top grades in the process. A good essay will also earn you a scholarship or grants to push you through college. Further, the best writers enjoy the spoils of being in the limelight as you represent your class, faculty, and college during competitions. To top it all, you will need the skills when writing tests, making it easier to achieve your set academic goals.

How Do You Write A Good Essay?

Here are excellent tips on how to write the best essays.

Understand The Essay Question

The essay question is your first stop whenever you have an assignment. It gives you direction on how to approach the paper, including the resource materials to use, perspective to take regarding your essay subject, length of your paper, and completion date. Failure to understand the essay question will result in a paper that does not meet the required standards.

Look for keywords when analyzing the essay question. For instance, the prompt may provide a topic or a wider subject for you to choose your topic. Other keywords that guide you when writing include pivotal directions like ‘compare and contrast’, ‘analyze’, ‘describe’, ‘differentiate’, and discuss, among others.

Keywords provide a direction on how to approach the paper and will, by extension, determine its structure. For instance, a descriptive essay uses a different language from a discussion essay. Failure to capture these instructions will result in an essay that does not meet the standards required.

The essay question, instructions, or prompt will also direct you on the reference materials to use in your writing. For instance, your tutor may provide a case study or specific books to use when writing. These instructions will shape your essay to a large extent and must be followed.

Some instructions might be unclear. Consult your tutor before starting any work on the essay. At the same time, use the instructions to obtain the appropriate samples, templates, and examples to guide you during writing. You will also recognize whether you need any assistance from writers or online tools. By recognizing the need early, you can get the best help instead of rushing at the last minute.

It is from the instruction that you identify the time you will need to complete a compelling paper. Considering the length and depth of research required, you will allocate sufficient time to work on the essay before the deadline.

Choose An Attention-Grabbing Topic

An essay is only as attractive as its title. Consider the title to be the cover or package that holds your essay. If the packaging is attractive, more people will want to read the essay. A mundane title will see people skipping your paper or forming a negative impression even before reading the essay.

The secret is to capture the imagination and attention of the reader through your title. Craft a title that promises the most intriguing academic discussion on the subject matter. Anyone seeing the topic should be curious to read through the paper and decipher what it has to offer.

So, what makes a good title?


A relevant subject is within the scope of your discipline. If you are writing about business, for example, the title should indicate that. The idea is to ensure that the person picking your paper from the shelf gets what he or she is looking for in your essay.

Relevance also refers to your level of study. Choose a topic that matches your academic level. If you are in high school, the topic should be within the scope of high school materials. A student writing an essay in college must pick a topic worthy of a college essay.

The last reference to relevance is the currency of the subject matter under discussion. Choose a topic or discuss a subject that is relevant to the current academic discussion in the area. Avoid old and mundane topics that are no longer a subject of discussion in the discipline. Readers want discussions on the latest ideas.


A reader wants to feel rewarded for picking your essay from a shelf. Part of that reward is an engaging and interesting discussion on the subject matter. Such fun can be seen from your topic.

Phrase your title in such a way that it feels interesting to read. Take an angle or ask a question that will raise the level of curiosity as high as possible. Even though the essay is an academic exercise, the reader must feel that it offers value for time.


Can you find materials for the topic you wish to explore in your essay? Can you place the discussion within the existing academic discourse? This is what makes a topic researchable.

A researchable topic means that you will find materials to reference your work. Finding other writers who support your perspective will reduce the chances of your ideas being dismissed by other scholars. It also protects you from running out of materials before you can make your point in the discussion. For this reason alone, you would rather have to leave out some points because you have run out of space than experience a deficit.


Choose a topic that offers new insights or materials to your readers. Restating facts that other scholars have covered over the years does not add any value to your writing. Present a fresh idea that every reader will want to understand.

A new perspective on an old idea is also acceptable. The phrasing of your topic will give a reason to the reader to give your topic a second chance. It is an academic reawakening that must be supported by concrete evidence directing readers to the new path.


Be unique in your discussion and approach to writing. It is the only way you will capture the attention of your tutor and earn a good grade.

Notice that tutors have handled similar essays for years. Your paper will also be graded alongside others. What will make yours outstanding and memorable to the tutor? It is the uniqueness in your writing.

You might want to include charts, images, and graphics to demonstrate your idea. Accurate execution of the instructions is also another way to stand out. A unique essay compels a reader to spend more time and be keen on the discussion. It will earn you the best grade.


Essay writing, like every serious undertaking, requires planning. Once you analyze your essay question and choose a research topic, it is time to plan how you will execute the essay. By planning, you make it easy to write and also improve the quality of your discussion.

Planning involves several aspects, all coming together to help you produce a better essay.

Creating An Outline

An outline is the best planning tool for essay writing. It helps you to organize the ideas most logically and strategically so that you can convince the reader better. The outline also helps you to assess the strength of an idea to dismiss or reinforce it. If you cannot find enough materials to support an idea, it is only prudent to dismiss it before it weakens your discussion.

Managing Time

Time management is crucial in producing a quality essay. The best time management trick is to begin working on the paper immediately. You will have more time to deliver a quality paper.

Based on the essay question, you can identify the time it will take to complete the paper. Such time must also be the most appropriate so that you can deliver an insightful discussion.

Gathering The Right Materials

What materials do you need to deliver an interesting paper? Identify the books, journals, and articles that will help you to craft the best paper. Gather these materials so that it takes a shorter time to research and write. Create a mini-database for each essay.

Planning saves you time and will help to improve the quality of your paper. You can also predict factors like completion date because you know the materials available and the time allocated. As you stick to the timelines, you will avoid penalties associate with a late submission.

Allocate Enough And Quality Time To Write

A good essay is like wine; it requires time. Review your schedule immediately after the essay is issued to determine the best time to work on the paper. Consider the intensity of work required to complete the paper, the time available before the deadline, and other tasks that might come between you and the completion of the paper.

The quality of time is as important as enough time when writing an essay. Quality time means that the body and mind are at an optimal level to produce insightful ideas. For this reason, allocate time when you are free from fatigue.

The place you choose to complete your essay will affect the quality of time you allocate. Choose a desk away from any distractions like television, music, or uninvited chats. Such an environment allows you to sit through an intense essay for long hours, resulting in concrete arguments and a shorter completion time.

Capture The Right Structure

The structure of your essay is determined by such factors as your discipline of study, essay question, and personal preference. There are general guidelines on how to write an essay. For instance, the content of the cover page is indicated. The content of the introduction, body, and conclusion is also indicated. In most cases, this main structure is determined by the formatting style and will be indicated clearly in the essay prompt.

A clear essay structure is important to ensure that readers focus on your discussion instead of being distracted by a haphazard structure. It might be difficult to get the structure from the descriptive essay prompt. It is advisable to use samples, examples, or a template to guide you on the best structure.

The content expects on each segment of your essay must be captured. For instance, raise necessary questions and build interest in your discussion in the introduction. The body of your essay should contain a supporting literature review, data, and discussion of the idea. Close the essay with a compelling conclusion that is drawn from the materials discussed in your body.

An accurate structure makes it easy for readers to extract information from your essay. The reader can go directly to your literature review section because he knows what to expect. Do not disappoint your reader by missing some of the sections or adding the wrong information into these sections.

Quote High-Quality Academic Materials

An essay is a serious academic discourse. It does not provide any room for rumors or even opinions. Any assertion you make in your paper must be substantiated through a credible citation. Use high-quality books, journals, and academic articles for this purpose.

The quality of discussion in an essay determines the grade. It also sustains interest in your paper so that the reader does not abandon it midway through reading. Since the ideas are drawn from credible academic materials, they will not be discredited by other scholars or earn you poor grades.

Polish Your Essay By Editing

Having completed your essay, it is time to edit it. Editing aims at removing errors of syntax, typos, and poor word choices, among others. It will ensure that your words capture what you wanted to mean in the discussion.

Use online tools to edit the paper while you write. An alternative is to hire an editor to look at the paper before submission. You must complete the paper early enough to create time for editing.

The best essay is one that adheres to the instructions provided. Such an essay is correctly structured and features citations from credible reference materials. Manage your time well to create more room for editing and proofreading before submission.

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