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Best Call to Actions that Promote New Relationships with Customers

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How do you ask someone to do something without being obvious? Viral content is not...
Call to Actions

How do you ask someone to do something without being obvious?

Viral content is not the only way your business can earn success. One viral content, article or tagline may create buzz for some time but will not change everything forever. Continuous success takes place when you produce great content one after the other.

There are different call-to-actions that you can initiate to promote new relationships with customers. If your CTA is strong, you can inspire people to do almost anything for you, even your lazy brother serving you dinner.

So, forget ‘Viral’, focus on these Call-to-Actions and utilize them to promote new relationships with your customers.

Best Call-to-Actions to Initiate New Relationships with Customers

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You can use a million strategies to increase your sales, but no matter what you use, everything boils down to a good CTA. It is the ultimate message that triggers customers to take action or buy your products. We have identified 5 best ones to make your work easy:

Ask For Comments and Views

While you want to express your message comprehensively, sometimes reading everything can be tedious, and many times your ideas or viewpoints may not match with your readers. Therefore, instead of sharing whatever it is in your mind, invite your audience to share their ideas and thoughts.

Be it your readers, viewers, or listeners, you can ask everyone to share something that would help improve your post, service, or product. Audiences who invest time in your content most likely become your loyal customer overtime.

Leave Space for Conversation

This is going to work perfectly well if you wish to optimize your social media content. Interesting conversations with potential customers can guarantee more than a few hundred clicks to your website. If you spark a conversation, you can actually attract new people who have never used your products and services before.

Conversations are simple, traditional ways to trigger word of mouth publicity. There are several you can try ways to draw people for conversation. For instance, you can share your blog post on social media with an intriguing photo or video clip. The picture can prompt your users to read your blog or visit your website to check your product.

Use Different Platforms to Attract Audience to Your Website

You can use social media to do the needful. Post something on Instagram or YouTube and share the link in the bio to pull in audience from Instagram or YouTube to your website. Food bloggers use this type of CTA for promoting their products.

Take Bongeats for example. Their videos are mouthwatering – short and highly informative. But if you want more details, such as exact measures, ingredients, or tools used, you must visit their website.

The videosand posts are used to capture the mind of the people who might not have known about the website.

Offer what is Desirable and Shareable

Your content must create a desire among your users to share. How can you do this? Definitely, your blog, picture, or book may not create the right desire unless you serve a  mini package of your content and let it do the trick.

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It is easier if you have a sample of your blog, product, or book that others can browse through whenever they want, without being overwhelmed, rather than having to listen to your benefits from you.

For example, you can develop an infographic that summarizes your services and products, or you can offer a free, downloadable PDF that talks about yourself and pinpoint your benefits in an interesting manner. You can encourage your audience to share the infographic image or PDF rather than share the link of your website.

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Don’t Write Down your Services, Describe what Your Services Can Do

Find ways to show how your paid solutions would be a good fit for your customers. In order to do so, ask yourself this: If I write free content, will someone get help from my products and services?

For example, you sell cleaning solutions and you write an article about how to remove bloodstainsfromthe carpet. Many people who read your tips may require immediate help. Therefore, you should include a CTA so viewers or searchers know where to find carpet cleaners or buy cleaning solutions.

Optimizing your content with essential tweaks and CTA will definitely make you an authority. You just have to tap into people’s need to work on a good CTA. Once you understand this, you can sell your product each time someone visits your site.

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