September 18, 2021

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In both cases it seems essential to switch to wireless headphones that work through a Bluetooth connection, although Apple also offers the possibility of using your Lightning adapter to 3.5 mm headphone socket .

If you are thinking of buying a compatible headset for your iPhone, whatever the model, we recommend consulting our articles published in Macworld to know the best headphones and the best wireless headphones for this smartphone.

After reading our small purchase guide, you will find the list of Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100. You will see that there are all sizes, shapes and colors and without giving up the latest technology. Otherwise, you will be more interested in continuing reading. 


RHA MA650 Wireless

Among the best intra-headphones on the market that are fastened behind the head, these helmets of RHA stand out. The model MA650 Wireless are impressive, especially if we consider the price they have.

It is true that some will find more drawbacks than advantages in its design, but we want to highlight its virtues: it improves the battery’s autonomy and offers an extra security that makes it more difficult for intramural hearing aids to fall.

Leaving this aside, what stands out most of the MA650 Wireless is its clear and clear sound, with some more than decent basses and a noise cancellation that works impressively well.

Available in both white and black, it is one of the cheapest models on the list. It can be purchased from the official website of the Scottish company or from its Amazon channel.

Bose Sound Sport Free

Bose also has an excellent model designed for athletes: the Sound Sport Free . These Bluetooth headphones are Bose’s first wireless internal headphones and could not have gotten a better product.

It is true that they are a bit big, but that does not have a direct impact on their weight, as they are still light. They also offer an excellent sound quality that, logically, should be the priority of all.

On the other hand, its battery life is decent and they are water resistant with a protection level of IPX4. Instead, we miss specific fitness functions such as heart rate monitoring.

These internal headphones can be purchased in black, blue and orange, but can not be purchased directly from the official Bose website. 

Blitz Wolf BW-FYE4

We did not want to end this list without including a cheaper option of quality Bluetooth headphones. The emerging company Blitz Wolf has already surprised us in the past with products dedicated to audio, such as with its BW-AS2 speaker or its BW-SDB1 sound bar.

The truth is that Blitz Wolf does not disappoint. Your small BW-FY4 ear buds will appeal to you from the moment you take them out of the box. They come in a case that, in addition to allowing you to carry the small headphones, will allow you to charge them when you are not using them.

We were able to verify that the battery life that Blitz Wolf promises (from 3 to 4.5 hours and up to 20 hours in the charging case) without you having to use an electrical outlet, is real.

We also verified that they are very easy to use: they were quickly paired with our Huawei Smartphone .

Once in the ear they feel very comfortable, we try them out exercising (they have resistance to IPX4 water) and they did not fall down at any time, in fact, you forget that you wear them. It is worth mentioning that they come with three different pads so you can choose the size that best suits your ear.

In terms of sound quality, they also do not disappoint: stereo sound, sharp treble, intense bass and no type of distortion at maximum volume (although you will rarely have to put them to the top unless you want to remain deaf).

Blitz Wolf offers you an alternative of Bluetooth quality headphones, without having to suffer your pocket in excess. Obviously, if you need to give them a professional use, we recommend more expensive brands like Bose or Sony.

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