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Best AI Video Editors That Will Make Your Job Easier

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In today’s world, companies must use all available marketing tools to increase brand awareness and sales. Videos are no exception. Moreover, over the past few years, according to statistics, it is the videos that attract the most attention. Special applications like Banuba AI video editor are often used to work with video files. If you understand the features of ai video editor, you can achieve maximum efficiency when working with files of this type.

Benefits of AI Video Editors for Business

It is important to understand that this type of software should not be considered as classic video editors. The basis of their work is the use of artificial intelligence, which makes such applications unique and high-tech.  

Therefore, AI-powered video editors have a number of advantages:

  • minimize the time costs;
  • automate work processes;
  • allow making adjustments to any components of a video (from storyboarding and voice-over to the creation of full-fledged movies).

Benefits of AI Video Editors for Business

These are just a small part of the benefits of such services. As a rule, it is not very difficult to understand the peculiarities of their work. However, it is still better to choose software with a simple interface and understandable principles of work, so you don’t spend too much time on the details.

The most popular applications for real-time video editing

Among the variety of services that are based on artificial intelligence and allow you to make real-time video editing, it can be quite difficult to navigate. Newcomers are usually confronted with the greatest number of problems.


On the other hand, for business owners, a lack of understanding of the principles of the service can provoke the need to hire outside specialists. That is why it is better to choose a program from the list of the best to really assess its advantages and disadvantages, and then – competently plan your time and allocate the budget for project development.

Banuba Al Video Editor SDK

This software is one of the leaders in the segment and often occupies the top positions. The reason for its popularity is the fact that a large number of options are available in the application and the interface is simple and user-friendly. Banuba Al Video Editor works perfectly not only from a PC, but also from other gadgets, so artificial intelligence is now available from smartphones and tablets. 

Banuba Al Video Editor SDK

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Banuba:

  1. Today, this video editor is considered as the best artificial intelligence solution that is adapted for mobile apps. At the same time, it is cross-platform, so it allows you to create software solutions for both iOS-based smartphones and those running on Android.
  2. There is the largest collection of all kinds of AR stickers, a large number of different filters are offered, so you get access to a great range of features in one software.
  3. The software works on the basis of artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, all the options, including changing the user’s face, removing the basic background from the image and many others are available after just one click.

We can safely say that this software solution is equally convenient for both users and developers. If we talk about the first category, here everything is simple: anyone can learn how to edit video and cut their own videos in a minimum of time. Everything is intuitive and simple. If we consider in more detail the benefits for developers, it is worth noting the following point: using the capabilities of augmented reality, it is possible to create your own software solution, which will have a lot of competitive advantages and, as a consequence, will interest a large audience.


This is a modern application where the developers tried to simplify and automate the work with video as much as possible. For example, among its features we can highlight the following:

  1. It is not just artificial intelligence, but also advanced voice recognition technology that is at the heart of the work.
  2. The possibility of storyboarding is provided. This option is also implemented thanks to artificial intelligence, which is able to recognize individual fragments of the video.
  3. Automation of processes simplifies the work with the video. The developer has provided the possibility of automatically removing unnecessary pauses, adding subtitles or background music. Automatic work with other options is also possible.

This program is the most popular among bloggers. It is a great tool for creating videos for YouTube or recording podcasts. Also, you can use it to easily prepare a video recording of a business meeting, conference or presentation.


This software has an excellent reputation among representatives of brands. It will be especially useful for beginners because it provides a wide range of options for automating processes. Among the features of this application there are:

  1. The presence of built-in templates for working with videos. Such templates are great for preparing diverse content. It is enough to combine existing photos or videos with the template to get a beautifully designed video.
  2. In this case, too, the artificial intelligence allows you to automate many of the processes you might face in video processing (storyboarding, pause removal, etc.).
  3. A built-in set of options makes it as easy as possible to find suitable music files and visual effects to complement the video. The advantage is that the program can do the searching on its own, offering the user a ready-made set of solutions.

For beginners in video processing and content creation this software can be a good choice, but its functionality is still quite limited.


This is another popular application that works on the basis of artificial intelligence. Many users may find it convenient that the service is online, which means that access to all the features is provided directly on the site. If you do not want to download the program on your PC, this is not a bad option of video editing sdk. Other features of the service include:

  1. There are ready-made templates, and there is also access to a virtual library that offers videos and photos. All of this can be used to create your own videos
  2. This service attracts attention with its simple interface. Despite the rather large number of options, it is easy to understand the principles of its work.
  3. The software is particularly focused on the content marketing and business segment. Therefore, the developers have provided a set of options for a comprehensive analysis of the results of promotion through video content.

The service can suit those who want to get fast results without spending a lot of time downloading the program and understanding its principles of work.


Conclusions: what to keep in mind when choosing a video editing sdk

Anyone who wants to gain popularity in today’s world needs to actively use different marketing tools. It is important to remember about video content as well. Now it is only gaining momentum, which is confirmed by the growing popularity of Tik-Tok, Reels on Instagram and other popular services.


At the same time, working with video does not create as many problems as it seems. All you have to do is choose the most suitable video editing sdk. Here it is best to choose a program where the maximum set of options will be available. In this case, you should refuse to use complex solutions. The simpler the interface is, the better it is. It is great if the service provides options for automating business processes.

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