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Beat The Heat In The Scorching Summers Of Dubai

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Sheild of Blackout curtains On Your Window

The summer season of Dubai has become famous around the world when temperatures reach plus 50 °C, and the humidity is high. In the summer, we prefer staying inside our homes, office dining establishments, shopping malls, or air-conditioned spaces to keep us cool and relaxed. One of the areas in which we spend longer is our home, which is why it’s important to ensure that your home is as cool and comfortable as possible. Although you cannot change the outside temperature or block the sun’s rays from entering your home, you can take steps to cool your house this summer.

Block the Sunlight with the Sheild of Blackout curtains On Your Window.

The sun’s flood of light will surely bring lots of heat. You must consider investing  blackout curtains dubai for windows or blinds dubai. Blackout curtains are drapes made of fabric or shades that cover windows. These shades keep out Sunlight and noise if you live in a noisy area. They can also provide an additional layer of protection over blinds, which typically contain gaps that allow light to pass through.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

It may sound obvious, but it is often ignored. Drinking enough water in the summer months of Dubai can help prevent ailments like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Drink plenty of fluids all day, especially in the summer when temperatures are highest. It will help replenish the water you lose due to sweating and help keep your body’s temperature comfortable.

Make Sure Your AC Is In Working Order

Air conditioners are your ideal all-time friend during summer. It provides cool air to your loved ones and you. However, keep in mind the fact that air conditioners can be a bit expensive. Many experts believe mini splits work better in cooling an indoor space than traditional ACs. Mini-splits generally consume less energy than window counterparts or central air conditioning units. It is advisable to consider mini-splits if you’re looking for a different cooling option.

Check Ventilator Leakes In Your Home

Air can rapidly get into your home through cracks in bathroom windows or cracks in the door. The problem is that this significantly increases temperatures inside, negating the function of air conditioning. Check for air leaks from ventilation units and close any small gaps to keep the indoor temperature cool. It can be extremely beneficial during the Dubai heat storm.

Add More Greenery

One of the finest ways to keep your environment fresh is by planting more shrubs and trees, specifically for those who reside in villas. Cover your home’s outdoor space by planting and arranging many more plants correctly, covering the front of your home.

If you live in a small house or an apartment, you may put indoor plants in the area to help cool your home. Choose from the home plant collection such as aloe Vera bonsai, sansevieria, Cactus, and many more.

Use LED light Bulb In Your Home.

Do you realize that lighting indoors can increase the temperature in your home? Incandescent bulbs cost less than LED lights initially; however, they have a much shorter life span. They also heat up fast and increase the temperature inside. Since LED light bulbs create very little heat, they’re the most suitable choice if you reside in a hot area such as Dubai.

Unplug Electronic Appliances When Not In Use

Reducing the number of things that could increase the temperature inside your home can make a huge difference in lowering the temperature. The best method to do this is to stop keeping unneeded appliances running on standby. You’ll be shocked to see the number of gadgets you have connected and how having them off the grid can help you step towards beating the heat of Dubai.

Stay Cool and Creative

It’s the perfect moment to put on the thinking cap to get imaginative. Make some DIYs to combat the heat. Here are a few ideas:

Choose your most-loved summer beverages to stay well-hydrated. If you are using Table fans for your home, why don’t you put an ice cube on top to ensure it produces cool air? Or you can bring your friends over to an indoor ice cream party.

There are many ways to cool your home and stay comfortable, but staying well-hydrated and cool is a good method of beating through the scorching summer temperatures. Shower cold, take a quick dip in the pool, or sip your favorite beverage and drink plenty of water. All of these can help you combat the summer heat.


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