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Aware Yourself About Cloud Computing and Its Types

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As the digital age marches on, the demand for cloud computing keeps increasing each day. Irrespective of the size of the company, every organization has already moved or is thinking to shift to cloud-based servers.

The main reason behind this change is that by shifting to the cloud servers, an organization doesn’t need to maintain physical storage at its end. The applications run on the cloud servers while applying the assets provided by the cloud provider. The company needn’t worry about the entire process related to cybersecurity and risk management as it is the duty of the cloud services provider.

The big names in the cloud domain are service providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Many IT professionals prepare for the AWS training and certification and Microsoft Azure Certification with the help of experts like Koenig Solutions.

Being a certified cloud expert nowadays is a great career option because they are in heavy demand and this need is more likely to increase in the future. In this article, we will discuss some of the major characteristics of cloud computing.

Major Features Of Cloud Computing

  • Ability To Monitor Statistics

While using cloud-based servers, you can frequently regulate the server uptime and allocate network storage according to the needs of the applications. This is one of the best characteristics of cloud computing. Millions of customers which includes the fast-growing startup organizations, and even government agencies are readily switching to AWS cloud to reduce their costs, make the applications more agile, and provide greater efficiency.

  • Access From Anywhere/Anytime

A major advantage of cloud computing is that your business will be online the entire 24 hours which makes it easily accessible from anywhere anytime using a digital device. Owners of the application can also access their assets whenever they feel like. The only thing that is necessary to access data from the cloud is a good internet connection. The average AWS cloud developer salary in India starts from Rs. 6,07,000 per annum.

  • State-of-the-art Security

When it comes to security, nothing can supersede the advanced security and privacy features of cloud computing. Therefore, if you think that cloud security might not be protected from threats well enough, there is nothing to be afraid of. A snapshot of the data is created and stored in the cloud every time. Hence, even if there is a system failure and the server gets damaged; there will be no loss of data for the business. Such is the security measures adopted by cloud computing techniques.


  • Scalability

Scalability is one of the best advantages of cloud computing. There is no compulsion to buy all the resources all at once. You can simply proceed with the resources you currently need. Gradually, the traffic to your online business website will increase. 

  • Pay For What You Use

There are no additional charges that you have to pay while using the cloud services of AWS. You only need to pay for the resources and the services that you will be utilizing while developing your application. This makes it a very cost-effective solution while shifting to cloud-based services. 

AWS Certification provides expertise in cloud computing which helps professionals showcase their skills to the organizations and also build effective, new applications using AWS technologies. AWS provides you with the option of choosing from a wide range of certification exams, each suited for a specific role and designed to grant individuals meet their specific goals.

The AWS DevOps cloud certification exam is created not only to test your knowledge of cloud computing services on AWS but it also rigorously tests your ability to design and build highly accessible, adaptable, fool-proof and self-healing applications. This AWS certification training is built to give you a comprehensive understanding of Amazon Web Services Architectural Ethics and Services.

There are plenty of websites where you can get AWS certified. The top AWS certification courses are:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect  (Associate) – Koenig Solutions
  • AWS Certified Developer (Associate) –  Udemy
  • AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications –  Coursera


These are plenty of amazing features that make cloud computing such a popular tool for any type of business. Koenig Solutions provide excellent AWS certification training as the demand for certified cloud experts is on the rise. 

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