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Autocratic Leadership Work Only in These Situations

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Autocratic Leadership Work

You must have heard about the leadership traits, excellence in leadership or good and bad leadership. But you wouldn’t have heard about Autocratic Leadership. There are several organizations who follow this leadership style for long and don’t think to change it.

Although this is negative leadership it has some pros and cons. And it works in many places and produces results for the company.

But before we hop on to the places it works, let’s first see what’s autocratic leadership.

Autocratic Leadership

It’s the type of leadership where the boss takes full control of the environment and only he’s capable of making decisions. He doesn’t encourage the employees and ask them to follow a set of rules to complete every task. He dictates all the methods to employees to do the work and only he the power over everything. 

Since successful organizations always look for collaborative leadership but there are also some organizations who follow autocratic leadership and are proud of it.

But to your surprise, this leadership doesn’t work at every place. There are only certain situations in which this style works.

So, let’s see where this rigid style of leadership works.

Ways Where Autocratic Leadership Works  

  • Small Businesses

Autocratic leadership works well when your business is small and the decision making power is totally dependant on one person. He takes full control of the situation and dictates the rules to the employees. There is a small set of rules that everyone follows and if someone tries to cross the boundaries then he would suffer the consequences. Since creativity is not welcomed so you only have to work on what’s asked to do.

  • Businesses with a Lack of Experience

In a collaborative leadership, you have the hierarchy starting from the CEO, President, Vice President and Managers. They are responsible for taking decisions for their respective departments and encourage people who participate.

While in autocratic, the decision power belongs to one. They are the businesses that are not so knowledgeable in their realm and stick to a specific set of rules. Despite all the technological advancement, they stick to their principles and because of the lack of experience they don’t head forward.

  • Businesses who Follow Strict Deadlines

When there’s any business that follows strict deadlines and has to answer client queries on the day committed, they have no choice except to follow autocratic leadership. Businesses such as news cycles, print media, and law offices promote this type of leadership. Because if they give employees the free hand, their deadlines can suffer. 

So, when time is tight in these kinds of businesses then autocratic leadership is the only solution.

  • Businesses where Employees Deserve Rigid Environment

There are some workplaces where you leave everything on the employees and they make it a disaster. Here, if you don’t take control of them, your work suffers. Since flexibility at the workplace can also cost you sometime so you have to make the work possible by being an autocratic leader. 

Here, you can give orders, define a set of rules and dictate your employees. If a situation becomes dangerous so you can’t blame anyone other than you. 

The Drawback of Autocratic Leadership

These are the only situations where autocratic leadership works. And it’s not appreciated. If you’re serious about growing your organization so you should cut down this leadership style. It cuts employee productivity and makes challenging for them to survive. As a result, good employees don’t become part of the company. 

Whereas positive leadership grow successful organizations and make tasks easier for their employees. In this culture, you can easily introduce new technologies and innovations like task management software like TaskQue.

So, if you’re going to lead an organization, which type of leadership will you prefer in it? 

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