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Aunt Jackies Knots Reviews

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“Aunt Jackies Knots” is a fun and engaging young adult book, written by Jennifer Holmes. It tells the story of three friends growing up in Gable County, Georgia. The main character is Taylor Dupree, an outcast at his Catholic school, who is always picked last for the sports team, but is too nice to ask to be put on the cheerleading squad. Fortunately, the three best friends are also very good in sports, and Taylor ends up becoming captain.

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Soon he graduates from the Gable County High School, known as GAC, and moves to a new high school called Liberty’s Academy. This is a boarding school for troubled children with special needs. Taylor finds himself in the midst of troubles that almost drive him insane. Not only does he deal with the bullies at GAC, but he also has to contend with other students who need his help, including a guy who thinks that Taylor is gay and wants to get revenge on him.

The characters are lively and interesting, with well-developed backstories and personalities, and the story is told in a humorous manner. The author has described this book as a “slice of teenage life”, and I believe her description accurately summarizes the book. This is a refreshing take on young adult fiction, and I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

“Aunt Jackies Knots” is the first book of a trilogy by “Aunt Jackies” Holmes. The books have been reviewed in various places, including online book reviews, in review magazines, and at bookstores. I have read most of them, and I enjoyed the books quite a bit.

However, there are some shortcomings I’ve found in the books. The story doesn’t go as smoothly as it might. Some chapters seem to drag on, while others were quite fast paced.

Other reviewers have commented that the books are quite long, which is true for most of them. While I think that’s true of the first book as well, I can tell you that it didn’t add to the enjoyment of reading the book. I would suggest picking up a sample before making a decision about purchasing the entire series.

As for those individual scenes, while I thought they were well-written, I didn’t find them all that enjoyable. There were several times when I felt that the characters were over-exaggerating their suffering. However, there are other sections that made me laugh, so I don’t really know why they weren’t interspersed throughout the chapters.

So, while “Aunt Jackies Knots” is an entertaining and well-written young adult novel, it isn’t for everyone. Still, if you’re a fan of reading high-energy, light-hearted novels with good characters, you will enjoy it.

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