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Area Rug Cleaning Melbourne

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rug steam cleaning

The rugs in your home are quite expensive; therefore take good care of them, replacing these rugs would be an expensive option. Rug steam cleaning services can help you perfectly clean your rugs. You can clean your rugs at home but remember that the professional area rug cleaning would give you the best possible results. You can minimize the damage to your rugs by limiting the traffic of the kids and pets on these rugs, and kids often spill food on them, which becomes very messy. You can try to clean your rugs at home by vacuuming, but that would temporarily clean the surface of the rugs, you need to use rug steam cleaning service for the deep cleaning of your rugs. You can schedule the yearly cleaning of the rugs; however, if they are dirty due to spilling or other stains, don’t wait for the yearly cleaning and get in touch with the rug steam cleaning services.

We are going to discuss the cleaning of the rugs in this article.

Tools and supplies

Multiple tools are required for the rug cleaning; therefore, you should use the services of the professional companies, these companies use a sponge, water, rug shampoo, soft bristle brush and bucket for the cleaning. Some of the companies are also using rubber gloves, a wet-dry vacuum, and the garden hose for the cleaning of rugs.

Remove the dirt and debris

When all the tools are gathered, the first step is removing debris and dirt from them by vacuuming all sides of the rugs. The vacuuming would remove every last bit of the dust from the rug. You can also use brush attachments for cleaning the dust and debris, but that is recommended only if you have pets in your home. The brush attachment perfectly cleans the hairs of the pets from your rugs.


Now is the time to use the cleaner, you can use rug shampoo; it comes with specific instructions, make sure that you follow those instructions. Some people also prefer to use the dish detergent by mixing it in a warm water bucket. However, experts recommend that hot water should not be used in the cleaning; it can fade the colour or shrink the rugs at times.

Perform the colour test

The professional Carpet Cleaning Services also use the colour test when they are dealing with new rugs. The colour test ensures that the colour of the rugs is not damaged during the process. Generally, the test is performed on corners of the rugs to check whether the cleaner is fading the colour or not.

Brushing the rugs

You can use a soft-bristle brush or, in some cases, a sponge for cleaning the rugs. The professional services sprinkle the cleaner on the rugs and start washing it with the brush after 10 minutes. All the cleaners need some time to settle in the rugs and clear the dirt from it, if you immediately start brushing it, you won’t get the perfect cleaning.

Rinse the rugs

You can use a garden hose or a bucket of the fresh and clean water for rinsing the cleaner from your rugs. When the water running out of the rugs is completely clear, your rugs are clean.

Water removal 

Now that the cleaner is removed from the rugs, you need to remove the excess water from your rugs. Removing excess water would help in the drying of the rugs. Some of the professional services are also using a vacuum for removing the excess water from the rugs. If you have the manpower, you can squeeze them and remove the excess water from them.

Drying rugs

When the water is completely removed from the rugs, you can place them in the sun for drying. Lay the rugs flat and flip the side when one of it is completely dry. You can increase the drying speed by using powerful fans. Make sure that these rugs are completely dry when you are placing them back in the room.

Vacuuming the rugs

Sometimes, after the cleaning the rugs, some threads, and fibres are stuck into the rugs; when they are completely dry, vacuum them again, or use a soft brush to remove the fibres and threads.

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