September 18, 2021

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Are You Looking For Best Textile Printing Machine

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textile printing machine

Digital textile printing machine is one of the vital components of a textile manufacturing plant. It is one of the important parts that make up the entire production line. It is an electronic device that converts analog signals into digital ones and vice versa. It is designed to produce high quality textile fabric on demand using controlled patterns and colours. It is an electronic system that functions by the use of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines.

The digital textile printing machine industry size is anticipated to reach $14,639 million by 20 2021 from $10,715 million in 2021, increasing at a CAGR of 8.5%. The biggest market for such printers is apparel and textile products, which are produced in bulk. These include dresses, suits, trousers, etc. They are also used for screen printing, which involves using dry ink on textile materials. Other uses of such printers are embossing, spot printing and carpet backing.

There has been a recent rise in the demand for digital fabric printers that uses inks, as they help in producing prints that have high quality and are more durable than traditional ones. This is very important for the fashion industry, which requires durable clothes. Since traditional inks fade over time, it has become necessary for the fashion industry to use the digital textile printing machine. The inks are made of water-based dyes, which can be easily fixed on to the fiber.

Most of the digital textile printers are powered by a single 12 V DC motor. They are usually manufactured with automated equipment that includes UV curing and spray coating capabilities. Some of the printers in the market include dye sublimation printers, hybrid fibre print technology, and thermal fiber technology. The dye sublimation printer is most commonly used in the printing of mixed fabrics; whereas the hybrid fibre technology is used in the production of natural fiber clothes.

The market of the digital textile printing machine is very large, and it is constantly growing, making use of advanced technology that offers lots of options for different customers. It is therefore a very lucrative business for anyone involved in the clothing industry, and it is sure to expand in the future as well. The market is currently worth billions of dollars. The demand for the digital textile printers will continue to increase as people begin to use them for manufacturing garments and for personal purposes as well.

Colorjet is the largest manufacturer of Digital Textile Printing Machines in India with wide range of industrial printers, which suits to everybody’s requirement. There are various applications that can be printed on textile printers like Shirts, T Shirts, Curtains, Bed Sheet, Pillow Covers, Sarees, Lehengas.

For polyester-based fabric, disperse ink is usually used and for silk based fabric, acid ink can be used. For 100% polyester, we offer Cloth Printing Machines with sublimation ink on paper for heat transfer to fabric. Our range of Digital Fabric Printers also cover all types of fabric like Viscous Crepe, Viscous Georgette, Cotton Satin, Modal, Cotton Poplin, Cotton Linen, Cotton Lycra, Cotton Spandex, Organic Cotton Knitted, Rayon, Voile, Cotton Voile, Chanderi, Tabby, Hosiery, Wrinkle Chiffon, Semi Satin, Polyester Georgette, Polyester flat georgette, Polyester bright Crepe, Polyester American Crepe, Polyester French Crepe, Polyester Chiffon, Polyester Crepe, Polyester Satin, Twill, Duck, Wool Low Twist Yarn, Jersey Knit, Silk, Lace Silk, Linen, Lawn, Muslin, Dyed Knit, Dyed Woven, PC Twill, etc.


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