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Agile in 2019: A Look AtThe Upcoming Trends

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Agile in 2019

In software development world, you might have heard the famous term “Agile”, around thousand times, or less than it, but its common in this field since developers use this term to say “develop in an agile way

 By the way, do you know what agile mean? Well, many things can get calledagile specifically by those people who sell something. Let’s suppose you ask the makers of paper products what agile is, or in which perspective they use this term, so they will tell you to write user stories on sticky notes cards that they just happen to sell.

On other hand, if you ask consultant, they’ll present you a different scenario, and completely different definition. You might hear them defining agile as a methodology for developing software which your organization like creative solution can learn on buying their services.

But in actual, it’s neither among one of them! Agile is fundamentally a set of qualities and standards. Much of the discussion around agile has to do with following different practices, using different methodologies, and even developing with specific tool. While these thing might help a team that is trying to follow agile, they aren’t agile in and of themselve.

Agile can also said to be the collection of beliefs that teams can use for making decisions about how to do the work of developing software or how to create an app like Uber. It doesn’t make decisions for you, rather it provide developers a foundation for team to make decisions that result in better software development.

Since the scope of software development is getting high these days, it becomes must to take an insight into latest trends going on in the market as well in software world today. Let’s jump down to latest, and upcoming trends of agile that are expected to dominate this year.

 What’s Latest Trend Going on In Agile These Days?

 Well, the biggest trend that’s been happening now is Devops. It is a big trend going high these days, and so the scaling frameworks. You’d have seen more and more.  We’d had a lot of scaling framework less and eventually the safe.

·        Scaling Agile Framework

It’s a leading one worldwide at this point. This has proved to be the top method the last year with 23%, and this year it’s been increased to 29%, and its still increasing in terms of use, and its being used quite broadly expanding across the world being a commercial one.

·        Agile Product Management

According to another dominating principle of Agile,developers and businesses are supposed to communicate daily, as communications are often overlooked. Item proprietors are ordinarily isolated both hierarchically and physically, regardless of whether they do take an interest on a Scrum group or not.

However, at this point, with the business dexterity development, item board is getting considerably more attention, and agents are perceiving the significance of their job in the achievement of a coordinated change.

·        Implement Business Agility

Lastly, a thorough agile transformation needs a shift to think of an entire enterprise. In light of implementing business agility, the term agile isn’t just a matter of pursuing guidelines in a framework, or learning a new vocabulary terms for project management. Rather it’s all about a change of mindset that has influenced every third personin organization works.

The agile mindset is now been expanded throughout the enterprise, since it doesn’t need to be caught between practicing both old and new processes.

To conclude, all I can say is, with rise in these trends now, majorities of companies will soon set up their complete range of services on the basis of Agile working. More collaboration can be expected to see at the corporate level, in all regards. And, more customized agile custom will be seen, as compared to existing ones.


Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti is a blogger by passion and Digital strategist&Tech Geek by profession and currently working withglobal illustration design agency. With having a tech background and experience in IT development services, Zeeshan is eager towards exploring the modern-day tech landscape. With having interest in technology, Bhatti writes about leading edge technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Logo Designing and much more.

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