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AC Maintenance, Best Repair & Service in Dubai UAE

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Repairer Repairing Air Conditioner

Repairer Repairing Air Conditioner


Hot and humid weather of Dubai makes this Jewel of the world like hell in summers.  The population of 3.37 million multicultural people can be lived under this extreme weather with only one thing known as Air Conditioning system. Whole city comes under the direct cooling of air conditioners. From Cars to offices and High rise buildings to hospitals AC’s are the necessity of Dubai.

As the AC is a complex device comprising of mechanical, Electrical, and now a days electronically operated devices.  As of all devices the machine is damaged or become faulty due to multiple factors some are from outside like foreign intrusion some are from inside.  In such weather and environment of Dubai it is unacceptable to be a faulty Air conditioner.

Let us talk about different types of AC’s and their common faults.

AC Servicing Dubai

 Types of Air conditioners

Majorly there are 6 types of Air conditioners working in the environment of DUBAI.

  1. Central Air Conditioning
  2. Duct less Mini split AC
  3. Window Air Conditioner

In Dubai top 3 types are used to maintain the resistible environment of living.

Let us describe them in detail.

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Central Air conditioning

One of the most useable and reliable plus energy efficient service used for air condensing and conditioning is known as Central Air Conditioning system. In this system a central cooling system cools some cooling agent just like a huge refrigerator. After chilling the agent it is pumped to the fan chamber from where the chilled air all over the area by ducts and warm air is extracted by replicated ducts. Every point which is to be cooled has opening vent to pass the air. This system is low cost and very effective almost all the huge infrastructures used this system for air cooling.


  • Defect in Central Compressor

As the heart of central Air conditioning system the major condenser may be go down because of this the cooling agent may not be condensed properly or rotation of agent may be terminated. The professional and sessional workers of Cool & Cool Company fix your central unit in a blink of your eye.

  • Leakage of Cooling Pipes
    Sometimes the carrier pipes of refrigeration agent is leaked due to multiple factors like high heat, improper insulation, Fatal hit and rotten metal. Due to which it is not able to circulate the cooling agent and the whole system is down and your area become a hot oven.

If you face any problem like this call our 24/7 and get it fix in shortest time.

  • Duct Blockage

Some times the AC ducts may block due to any reason so the Chilled air failed to reach the destination. For this problem our duct cleaners penetrate through confined spaces and clean the system sufficiently.

Mini split Air conditioner

In common households mostly used Air condition are split AC comprising of two entirely different units working together. For a cooling effects. These are an input and an outdoor ac.

As it works most of the work so its problems are deferential some of them are given below.

Common AC problems

  • Gas Leakage:

In normal Refrigerators as a cooling agents Freon gas is used it is nontoxic and nonflammable gas which rotates around you air conditioners to make the grils cooler. As a first and most common issue is the absence of this cooling agent.


 Due to Aging and other factors like humidity and heat can possess fatal impact on these instruments and equipment these are easily reparable and replaceable but problem in these equipment impacts very dangerous to your Unit.

  • Drainage

Sometimes the drainage is blocked due to that the important and integral parts of Unit are covered with ice and later on became use less due to water content.

  • Joints

The Outer and inner units of Air conditioners are connected with brass pipes through which the Cooling agents flow. In many circumstances these pipes and joints are exposed or damaged because of this the cooling agent flown out and Ac stops working. So we keep a keen check on these items and cure them properly if they are damaged or leaked.

  • Air Filters

In middle east Specially Dubai the sand is flown everywhere which cause a blockage in the air filters of Ac which are periodically need a cleanup to ensure the air supply to the indoor unit.

  • Compressor controls and Supplies

Compressor is the heart of all system we check and clean the externals of compressors because any small defecting in it can make whole unit useless.

Contact right now for professional AC servicing Dubaion one call. Rise Dubai provides you professional AC service.

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