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A Perfect Guide to Progressive Web App Along With Benefits and More

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In the field of mobile web, progressive web apps will be the next big thing. It was posted in the year 2015 by Google and they have attracted quite a lot of attention because of ease of development. Progressive web application will take the advantage of latest technologies for combining mobile and web apps.

It is more like a website created using web technologies, which will feel and act like an application. Recent browser advancements and the availability of the service workers in Push APIs and Cache have helped out web developers to just allow users to install some of the web apps to home screen. They will further receive push notifications and get to work offline.

Progressive web app – the advantage it takes:


PWA will be taking advantages of larger web ecosystems, community and plugins, and even the ease of maintaining and deploying a website, whenever compared to the other native apps in app stores. For those developers working on web and mobile, they will appreciate the fact that a website can be created in less time.

They don’t have to maintain an API with backwards-compatibility. Moreover, the app remains easier for them to not just deploy but even maintain.

Reasons to rely on PWA:

Some studies have indicated that on an average scale, an app gets to lose 20% of users for every step between their first contact with app and starting to use it. At first, the user needs to find that app in the respective app store then get to download and install it before finally opening it.

  • When user comes in touch with PWA as created by top-notch progressive web app Development Company, they can start using it immediately. So, they don’t have to download or install the app and avoid all those stages with ease.
  • Whenever the user returns to that app, they will always be promoted to install that application and upgrade for full-screen experience.
  • Progressive web application will always take advantage of the characteristics associated with mobile app. It helps in improving performance and user retention without any complications involving to maintain mobile app.

Web App

What makes an app progressive one:

Just to ensure that you run a progressive web app, the application must have some characteristics to it. To work on Progressive web-app development, be sure to keep these points in mind.

  • The app needs to be responsive. It must fit any desktop, form factor, tablet, mobile or anything else that come up next.
  • It must have connectivity independence. It is properly enhanced with the service workers to cover the task offline or on some lower quality networks.
  • The app needs to be progressive. It must work for every possible user, no matter whatever the browser choice might be. It needs to be created with progressive enhancement as main characteristic.
  • It must use app shell model for providing app based interactions and navigation. The progressive web app needs to be always updated thoroughly. Such apps are safe as served through HTTPS for preventing snooping and just to be sure that the content is tampered-free.
  • Thanks to W3C, the PWAs are identified as applications, which will help the search engines to find them well. They are also re-engaging. It means, the apps will make re-engagements quite easy through some of the basic features like push notifications.
  • These apps will help the users to “keep” apps which they found out to be quite useful on their home screen. They don’t have to visit the app store all the time. Furthermore, these apps are easily share-able through URL, without any complex installation.

Benefits associated with PWA:

Before you finally give progressive web development a chance for your applications, it is mandatory to know the benefits associated with it. Some of those are currently listed below for your reference.

  • In some instances, when you can’t get internet connection, websites are only restricted to display properly. But, mobile apps are self-contained, which will allow users to browse the applications even when offline. That helps in increasing availability and engagement greatly. With offline mode, any information will be automatically saved.
  • Another benefit of PWA is that they are properly designed like mobile applications while having full website-like functions with database access and dynamic data. Every developer claims to choose ways to extensive work to program progressive web apps by taking complete advantage of present conventional theory and framework.

With improved performance and zero installation hassle, it is really mandatory to move your thoughts towards progressive web app development services and get instant help.

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