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A look at Picture memes vs. text memes

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Picture memes vs. text memes

Memes are ideas, behaviors, styles, or concepts that spread from person to person. Some memes are pictures or videos passed around on the internet or through text messaging. On the other hand, some memes consist of only words.

Picture Memes vs. Text Memes

There is a difference between picture memes and text memes regarding how they’re shared among people. Pictures have higher chances of being shared because it’s easier for someone to share an image than a paragraph of text on an online message board or social media platform.

Furthermore, images can be posted without much effort, unlike written posts, which require time and attention when creating one. However, this doesn’t mean that text memes can’t go viral — sometimes they do, but it is rare. Refer to Meme Scout to find out what suits you best.

We live in the age of memes, so it’s important to distinguish which type will spread more easily on the internet. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” certainly rings valid with meme culture. Nowadays, people want information quickly, and if they’re informed well enough without too much difficulty, they won’t bother looking for other sources.


Although memes may seem like a clear trend, there are some consequences when using them online or through social media platforms. First off, many of these images use copyrighted content (e.g., songs) without permission from the owners.

Second, there is a fine line between what’s funny and what’s insulting, but sometimes people tend to cross that line. Lastly, most memes are cleverly edited photos with the intent of making the others laugh — but many of them come off as racist or even homophobic slurs.

Although it may be tempting to create your meme to share with your friends for fun, it should be used responsibly because there can be consequences when misusing them. Picture memes are convenient since they’re easy to pick up, but watch where you post them!

The world of internet memes is a vast one. People have found ways to exploit them, from the old classics to even Angry Birds into laughs and entertainment. There are two main types of memes: picture memes and text memes. Each has its own style, uses, and benefits – but which do you prefer?

Picture memes consist of 2-3 words on an image, typically featuring a caption at the top or bottom. It usually shows a situation or emotion attached to many photos to spice up your profile photos or simply make someone laugh.

The most common example is probably the ever famous “y u no” guy with his brow furrowed, followed by the reasoning behind his anger (typically something small like not having a pencil or not understanding a meme).

Another is “forever alone,” featuring the infamous man with the blue turtle neck staring into an abyss. People write captions below it saying depressing things because of the nature of the photo. The same goes for memes like Doge, Lil’ Bub, Grumpy Cat, and Maru, to name a few more.

Picture Memes

Picture memes are typically used to make someone laugh or brighten their day up after scrolling through pages upon pages of depressing statuses that bring us all down when we’re looking for happy news to share. It makes you feel less alone in your struggles or simply helps you cope with something negative in your life easier by relating to the “y u no” guy’s frustration with small problems.

Picture memes can also be used to fuel your crushes’ jealousy. One notable example is the “Someone will love you someday” meme featuring a girl with bright pink hair and green eyes looking at her phone in what appears to be an airport. Caption: “Your sister’s hot.”

This meme is great for when someone has a crush on their sibling and there can’t be any romantic chemistry between them (for whatever reason like the love of their life already existing or they aren’t interested in one another) but there still needs to be some sort of juicy drama going on to make things interesting.

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