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September 26, 2021

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A Guide To EMI Shielding

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Just because signals and radio waves are intangible and not visible to the human eye you can easily move around without toppling. The devices we are using today are probably equipped with wireless signals. But what restricts those signals from crossing or what enables you to answer your phone without any signal related disruptions? These disruptions are basically referred to as electromagnetic interference. We do not face these kinds of issues much because of EMI shielding better known as electromagnetic interference shielding.

Electromagnetic interference can be caused by both natural and man-made activities. Old devices that do not have EMI shielding arrangements often suffer at the hands of electromagnetic interference. With the advancement in technology our electronic devices definitely demand protection from picking the incorrect signal and safety towards picking the correct signal and that is why EMI shielding is important.

EMI shielding basically acts as a shield towards electromagnetic interference and doesn’t allow it to mess with your device. It tends to consume the signal before it reaches any sensitive circuit on your system, thereby by keeping the right signals protected. EMI shielding consists of a metallic screen that consumes the interference transmitted via air. If you want your device to stay protected from unwanted signals then you must consider getting EMI shielding done as soon as possible.



EMI shielding acts as a shield against all those unwanted signals and electromagnetic interference and further this interference can corrupt electronic systems and devices which are basically used in critical applications. Such applications involve military, aerospace, medical, navigation, etc.

There can be multiple causes of electromagnetic interference and include both man made and natural factors as well. The results can be hard to bear, for example data losses and temporary disturbances. Hence, it is important to get EMI shielding done in order to protect your devices and remove the possibilities of unwanted interferences.



  • Cuts down unwanted signals: Nobody wants to get disrupted due to unwanted signals or interferences. Living in this technological world we are surrounded by signals and radio waves and sometimes our devices might catch the wrong one. The only way out to prevent that from happening is to get EMI shielding done. The shield protects your device from catching unwanted signals and protects the wanted ones. An old device without EMI shielding is more likely to get disrupted by wrong signals whereas an EMI shielded device is unlikely to get affected by any of it.
  • Prevents data loss: Once you opt for EMI shielding for your device you are much less likely to go through any sort of data loss. Whereas a device or system which is not protected with EMI shielding might end up experiencing electromagnetic interference and the possible result could be data loss. Therefore, in order to save yourself from experiencing any sort of data loss it is ideal that you choose EMI shielding for your device or system. Also, EMI shielding is a guaranteed protection against unwanted electromagnetic interference as well.


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