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8 Essential Home Cleaning Tools For Every Home

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It is a fact that you cannot live in a house that is not clean and unsanitary. The present world’s spread of diseases and pollution makes cleaning every day extremely essential. Indeed, you might find yourself cleaning your home twice or thrice a day on some days. But cleaning your home only with a broom or mop would never be enough. There are specific cleaning tools you need to give your home the proper clean-up that it needs. 


You would, of course, know that when a particular job is done with the right equipment, that is when you can rest assured that the job has been done well. Cleaning your house is quite the same. Moreover, when you get the right tools for cleaning your home, you can even multitask. Plus, you can save up on your time using the right equipment as they would make the cleaning job quick and easy. Keep reading further to learn more about the essential cleaning tools you must have in your home. You can also save your time if you think this would take too long for you and consult a house cleaning service that would do the job for you as they are always equipped with best cleaning tools,


8 Essential Home Cleaning Tools that you must have in your home

Remember that most cleaning tools listed below are simple to use and won’t put a dent in your pocket. And if you have just bought a new house and are just looking for simple cleaning equipment, this is the place for you. You can always buy more expensive cleaning gear when you have the needs and proper budget for them.


  1. Vacuum cleaner- This is the first piece of equipment that most people would think of when someone says “cleaning.” They are easy to use and are best for thoroughly cleaning the dust and dirt around your home. Vacuum cleaners are of various types and models. Even if the flooring around your home is hard, you would still need a vacuum. It would be best if you invested in a multi-use cordless vacuum. Not only can it thoroughly clean out dust, dirt, and crumbs but also pet hair from soft furniture. You can use it for your car interior as well.
  2. Microfiber cloths- Microfiber cloths should be on top of your list of must-have cleaning tools. Nowadays, most people favor microfiber cloths over feather dusters because the former can hold onto dust. You can clean counters and appliances and even polish glass and tiles with these cloths. You can easily get pet hair off with microfiber cloths even if you have pets. It is better to get three microfiber cloths initially- one for the regular cleaning of the house, one for the kitchen, and one for the bathrooms. You can keep these clean by washing them under hot water without vinegar, bleach, or fabric softener and line them out to dry in the sun to get rid of germs.
  3. Broom and dustpan- These are two of the most common and basic cleaning equipment in every household. Even if you already have a vacuum cleaner, it is always good to have a broom and dustpan in case you need to clean some areas of the house where you cannot use the vacuum. It would be best if you get a rubber broom. These work wonders in helping remove pet hair and clean cement, glass, or dry tiles.
  4. Squeegee- These are the perfect cleaning tools for cleaning out your shower. These can help keep the showers and tiles in your bathroom free of mold and mildew. Squeegees are also perfect when you have to clean out your windows. These tools are extendable and flexible and work better in places where you can’t reach them with wipes, cloths, or sponges.
  5. Toilet brush and holder- If you don’t have proper cleaning equipment, the bathroom can get neglected a lot while cleaning around the house. Thus, one essential cleaning equipment you must have is a toilet brush and holder. You would, of course, also need a good toilet cleaner to clean your toilets. Thus, investing in a good toilet brush and cleaner is necessary to maintain a sanitary environment in your home.
  6. Ceiling fan cleaning brush- While cleaning the floors, furniture, and appliances is possible; we don’t often pay attention to our ceilings. However, without proper care, you might start noticing pets like spiders or lizards taking shelter on the ceilings. That is highly undesirable, and you should get a brush to clean out the ceiling and the ceiling fans.
  7. Spray Bottles for DIY cleaners- Sometimes, when you don’t have the appropriate cleaning sprays for the glass, countertops, or tiles, you will find yourself making DIY cleaners. But it would be best if you had proper places to store these for later use. It would be best if you get a set of some inexpensive spray bottles. These are incredible for storing homemade cleaning products. All you need to do is adjust the nozzle tip of the bottle to spray on surfaces before cleaning them.
  8. Steam Mop- Even if there is no hard flooring in your house, you should get a steam mop as these come with attachments for multiple uses. That is one of the first reasons a steam mop is an invaluable cleaning tool. These attachments allow you to clean out greasy countertops, shower walls, dirty tubs, and even dirty ovens. If any flooring in your house is made of tiles, this steam mop will clean out accumulated dirt and grime as the mop’s head has a scrubby texture. You can also easily use this mop to clean out your toilet.


The above list consists of the essential cleaning tools you must have in your home. However, there is some more cleaning equipment that you should have in your home. For example, you should get a lint roller if you have pets to remove stray hairs from your furniture. It is also suggested to stock up sponges for the kitchen and bathroom. All in all, it would be best to do more research and buy cleaning tools according to your needs around the house.

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