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7 Ways To Improve Readability of Your Essay

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When we have a writing task, we tend to start brainstorming how to develop the topic and satisfy the requirements. However, one might miss an element that should be kept in mind as they progress from brainstorming to the completion of the final essay version. It is to make it readable. Just visit and they know how to make essays more readable.


In other words, how to hook the reader and make them want to continue reading my work. To make your essay stand out from the crowd and be attractive enough to hook readers, the following easy-to-apply tips are for you.

Garnish your introduction

Many readers indeed tend to skim and scan the content before reading. Yet, it’s not always the case. Most readers would start reading the introduction, and based on that, they decide whether to continue reading or not. Therefore, it is advisable to pay extra attention to what you write in an essay introduction.


A well-garnished introduction gives your audience an idea about the whole content of the essay. For example, if the essay is going to tackle the benefits of a certain diet, your introduction should contain a clear thesis statement about the very topic. Include the relevant keywords that you are going to focus on the right in the introduction. It is going to influence the reader and make them feel that your essay is worth reading.


In the very introductory section, promise your reader that you are going to tackle the core of the matter you stated in the thesis statement. A too generic introduction might drive the reader away from the essay, as they won’t feel that there is something clear in the essay that’s coming.


Avoid too-long sentences

Whether your essay will be read by your teacher or by online web visitors, aim for shorter sentences. Famous Search Engine Optimization systems always prefer shorter sentences. That does not mean you make your essay full of only short sentences. It becomes as if a robot wrote it. In contrast, making all of your sentences too long; that is to say, more than 20 syllables, makes your essay hard to read.


Keep in mind to ensure a certain balance between long and short sentences in your essay. By doing so, you make your essay more reader-friendly. It is also beneficial to your readers not to have to read too long sentences in your content.


Long sentences require a longer concentration span to get the meaning. This could be challenging to some readers if they have to go through very long and complicated linguistic structures when reading a written work.

Stay put with relevance

Readers read articles because they look for something, be it information, a feeling, or a trick. Naturally, if I think that an article promises some information, I would love to scroll down for not so long to get that piece of information. Fluff content is a real issue when it comes to essay writing. For your essay to improve readability, avoiding fluff is a must. To put it differently, it is very important to avoid unnecessary details that might not be really important for your audience.


Fluff can be found in unnecessary words such as adverbs, adjectives, phrases, and sentences that make the essay stray away from its core subject matter. Likewise, the writer’s personal opinions, excessive examples, or extra information can be considered fluff that could harm essay readability.


It is crucial to come to the point in each element of your essay. Coming to the point is a great essay improver; it makes your reader want to learn more about the topic.


Easy-to-read paragraphs

The one-block body does not make an essay easily readable. Chunking your content is an essay simplifier. Short paragraphs are easier to read than longer ones. Try to structure your essay content using simple paragraphing techniques.


Make sure to include a smooth transition from one paragraph to another to guarantee a liaison between ideas. In addition, indentations can make paragraphs look neat and well-structured.

Drop the jargon

To improve readability, essays should contain as much plain language as possible. However, there are niche topics specialized in very specific technical areas that might require the use of a certain technical jargon.


In order to increase the readership of a technical essay, a writer should keep in mind the layperson. A reader-friendly essay should be readable by experts as well as people who do not have professional knowledge.

Make use of online tools

There are many tools that you can use online when your draft is ready. By checking your essay using such tools, you can get a readability score. You would also get suggestions on how to improve readability score, for example, by trimming down very long sentences.


For example, through the Hemingway Editor, you can visualize how readable your piece of writing is. It helps you see if there is excessive use of the passive voice or long and complicated sentences.

Use the right fonts

Unless you have instructions from your teacher, it is your task to ensure the readability of your essay. Using the right front when it comes to words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, titles, and subtitles is crucial to have a high readability score. You might not want to change fonts in the course of essay writing. However, being consistent with body fonts in all paragraphs is a must.

Break up your copy

An amazing essay keeps the scrollers interested in reading. A hooking strategy is to break up your copy into readable chunks. When the reader is presented with digestible parts of a text, they won’t feel overwhelmed with the heaviness of big text blocks. A text-heavy section is not attractive to readers.


The goal of copy breaking is to persuade your skimmers to dig a little deeper into the content. Add white space after headlines and between paragraphs. It lets your text breathe and adds a sense of lightness to your message.


It is more visually appealing when there is room for space between text chunks. Another strategy to keep in mind when breaking your copy is to reduce the number of items in a list. A concise list of 5 or fewer items makes it more readable.


A beautiful essay hooks the reader and persuades them to read more. Although skimming and scanning are techniques widely used by readers, you can still improve the readability of your essay using the techniques explained in this article.


Do not forget to craft an attractive opening. Avoid too long sentences, phrases, and words. Keep your content relevant to the topic and make sure that it is visually nice to look at through the addition of spaces and the right fonts. Easy to grasp jargon is key in attracting different readers.

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