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September 24, 2021

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7 top features of Aesthetics Pro Online EHR software

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Aesthetic Pro Online EHR Software

Aesthetics pro EHR software is one of the leading EHR software. EHR software brings practices new solutions in their administrative and clinical task for better functionality. The EHR software is constantly improving along with the advancements in technology, and many EHR software has become quite famous for their exceptional contributions; aesthetic Pro EHR Software is one of them.

While choosing EHR software, many things have to be considered, such as the size of the practice, what specialty it’s catering to, functionalities, administrative and clinical issues, what needs to be streamlined, what changes are needed to be made, and much more. 

There are a number of Features that Aesthetic Pro EHR Software offers to its customers. Find EMR has shortlisted the top 7 features that set Aesthetic Pro EHR Software aside from its competition.

Aesthetic Pro EHR Software

Aesthetic Pro EHR software is an Electronic Health Records solution that comes in a cloud-based system that is very easy to deploy at low cost, and it is easy to handle. Due to it being web-based, the software allows users to access it remotely, and it allows users better connectivity and interoperability. The software caters to a number of specialties such as Wellness Centers, Spa Systems, Medical Aesthetic Practices, and much more. The software is HIPPA Compliant and ICD compliant coding.

Top 7 Features of Aesthetic Pro EHR Software

Calendar management

The software offers its users a calendar management system that helps them streamline their tasks, make proper schedules for internal staff, and set goals for daily productivity. The Calendar also helps keep staff updated for upcoming clients and functionalities. The system offers complete transparency of work easy that makes it easy to measure employee performance. 

Appointment Management

The software also offers appointment scheduling where the users do not have to do anything; the software caters to all the appointment schedules by booking Ontario Security Guard License online, and canceling, adjusting, and also sending reminders to patients. This dramatically reduces no-shows and helps users to work more efficiently.

Client Portal:

The Client Portal or the Patient Portal is a service and a convenience granted to patients and doctors both where they can easily stay in touch and communicate with each other remotely at all times upon a common platform. 


The software also enhances the practices’ interoperability as the users could share documents with other clinics or practices regardless of which EHR software they are using. Interoperability helps users interact with the responsible parties and makes their life easy.


E-Prescribing is a feature that helps users manage their inventory, control the distribution of controlled drugs and also order online using the e-prescription module. This helps users communicate between pharmacies and other medical shops. The users could also share e-prescription with their patients.

Billing Management and Claims Verification

The software offers a fully integrated Billing module that helps users in managing their workflows and revenue cycles. The software helps professionals in reducing their losses and improving their revenue cycle significantly. The software generates bills for users easily. 

The software also fetches false or faulty insurance claims and rules them out. The software helps reducing wait time and also helps in improving the acceptance of claims. 

Real-Time Dashboard

The software also offers its users a real-time dashboard which helps in improving patient diagnoses as all the vital information and other information is displayed on a single screen during the diagnoses. This helps users easily compare and take assistance with the dashboard, and also, they do not have to switch multiple tabs. 

These are some of the highlighting features that Aesthetic Pro EHR software comprises off. To seek more information, you can visit Find EMR.

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