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7 Tips On Creating An Effective Job Description.

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Job descriptions for tech

Creating An Effective Job Description

Every organization has a hiring goal, which is to find the brightest and most competent talent for the role. For candidates who are considering joining your organization, an effective job description defines the parameters of the applied position. Good and effective job descriptions help companies attract the right talent. Below are some key tips on how you can create effective, engaging and bias-free job descriptions targeted to attract great talent.

TIP 1: Lose those awesome buzzwords.

Terms like “rock star” and “ninja” are just tired cliches. They might sound cool, but don’t make you seem hip or cool.

Try looking from a candidate’s point of view. Serious candidates don’t search terms like “data guru”, “social media maven”, or “rock star developer”. They are looking for job titles such as a “data scientist” or a “social media specialist.” When creating job descriptions, try to include those keywords your target audience is searching for. 

TIP 2: No Unicorns, Please!

When writing a job description, always have it checked by someone who has already worked in that role. This helps in fine-tuning the description and helps to determine the skills necessary for the role. If it is a brand-new role, do your research or seek the advice of people outside your organization who are working in similar jobs.

TIP 3: Use tools to create stronger job descriptions.

The Adaface Job Description Generator provides free templates to easily create, edit, publish and share job descriptions for popular roles in tech. Benefits include:

  • Generating a concise JD that you can use anywhere.
  • Free job description templates.
  • Get inspired by Job descriptions of some of the top companies in the world.

TIP 4: Bust gendered words.

Try using the simple Gender Decoder tool by Kat Matfield. The tool gives you the ability to quickly double-check your job descriptions for gendered words using any browser before you post it to your career site. This helps to create a much inclusive job description.

A gender-neutral and an all-inclusive language can help companies attract a more diverse talent pool and fill vacancies faster.

TIP 5: Focus on the details.

When writing a job description, make it as detailed as possible. Make sure you have the following:

  • Provide day-to-day responsibilities of the job, including a breakdown of tasks by percentage.
  • Provide the desired years of experience and the skills required with the same.
  • Provide a salary range for the job role.
  • Emphasize what makes your company/organization unique. 
  • Emphasize what makes your organization unique. Here you can mention your employee benefits program or the volunteer programs, and the company culture.
  • Focus on future responsibilities, and growth and development.
  • Provide a point of contact for the candidates.

Make sure you do a grammar check and proofread your job description before posting it on your career pages. Also, avoid using too much jargon.

TIP 6: Get innovative.

Try innovative solutions such as video cover letters. Such methods attract candidates towards your organization and are a much faster hiring process.

TIP 7: Create urgency for open positions.

Even if the position doesn’t need to be filled early, you want the candidates to feel a bit of urgency.

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