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October 16, 2021

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7 Popular Myths About Bodybuilding Supplements That You Should Stop Believing

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Bodybuilding supplements enjoy a lot of popularity among the bodybuilding community. Many individuals who are looking to build sturdy muscles and a beautifully carved physique turn towards these supplements. Bodybuilding supplements such as whey protein, BCAA, creatine, etc. have a lot of benefits to offer and are extensively used by many fitness freaks and bodybuilders.

There are some popular myths and misconceptions that follow these supplements. It is not a new phenomenon though but it’s highly misleading and can make a great impact on those thinking of buying one. It is often difficult to separate truth from the myth in the orbit of muscle building and fitness. If you talk to 10 people regarding bodybuilding supplements, you’ll get 10 different opinions. There are many such myths about these supplements that remain popular despite being proven wrong by various studies.

In this article, learn about 7 of these popular myths about bodybuilding supplements that you should not fall for.

Myth 1: You don’t need supplements at all if you take a good diet

Well, there is no denying the fact that nothing can replace a healthy and balanced diet. But, you often miss out on many essential nutrients when consuming whole foods. It is a tedious task to obtain all the necessary micro and macronutrients from the diet alone, given the hectic lifestyle we all lead today. Especially, if you’re involved in intense workouts, your calorie and nutrient needs are higher than an average individual. Supplements are not the replacement of whole foods but additional support for you to let you get all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis. These are like insurance policies, that fill the gap.

Myth 2: You’ll get fat if you take protein supplements

Protein supplements like whey protein powder help in fulfilling your daily macronutrient needs and also assist in muscle building. But many people believe that by consuming protein supplements, they’ll put on weight. The truth, however, is that protein supplements, especially whey protein don’t make you fat. Only if you munch on extra calories than required, you’ll gain weight. Eating a sufficient amount of protein every day will help you gain muscles. Protein supplements help you with building muscles.

Myth 3: Supplements alone are enough to build muscle mass, even if you don’t train

No pain, no gain. It is a straightforward policy. You cannot expect supplements to work wonders for you while you are sitting on the couch munching pizza and binge-watching series. You can definitely watch all the episodes of Money Heist in a go but don’t forget to workout and say ‘NO’ to pizza. Supplements work only when you are involved in the right kind of training that will help you achieve your dream physique. Supplements are made to support your training.

Myth 4: Creatine and protein supplements can damage your kidneys

There are various studies that have proven this popular myth to be wrong. Protein doesn’t harm your kidneys until you are suffering from any pre-existing kidney issues. A high-protein diet never harms the kidneys of a perfectly healthy individual. So is the case with creatine. Many studies have proven creatine to be safe and non-toxic for people with absolutely healthy kidney functions.

Myth 5: Fat burners are useless

The only thing useless is your brain when not put to work. Rest everything has some or the other use case. So is the case with fat burners. A majority of the fat burners come with a battery of ingredients that enhance your metabolism and boost your body’s fat-burning capacity. These aren’t certainly some magic pills that will make fat go away in the blink of an eye but they are most likely to work well with a proper diet and weight training.

Myth 6: Bodybuilding supplements can cause many side effects

This one is really popular! You’ll see a lot of people blabbing about how supplements are bad for you and gift you various health issues. The truth might not be close to this statement. Everything in this world has a certain way of behaving. Supplements, when taken properly and in the right amount, cannot harm you. You need to train right and eat a balanced diet along with having supplements to see the best results. You also need to be careful about the brand you go with as many brands add harmful ingredients to their supplements which can cause certain side effects.

Myth 7: The money you put in supplements is a waste

The amount of money you put in a year on online food ordering is a greater waste of money! There are a variety of muscle-building supplements available in the market today, that offer various health benefits and help you build muscles. Don’t let anyone fool you. When chosen wisely, bodybuilding supplements can work a great deal for you by helping you achieve a sculpted physique.

The key to a fit and active physique is a nutritious diet combined with weight and resistance training, cardio, etc. Supplements when taken in combination with these two work to make you reach your goal faster. You shouldn’t solely depend on these but should also not totally avoid these or think of them as a useless thing. 

However, as an informed customer, you should always check for the ingredients in your supplement. The shorter the ingredient list, the better the supplement is. MuscleBlaze offers a wide range of muscle-building supplements that are made with premium ingredients to meet the varied needs of bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness lovers. You can buy supplements online from that offer quality supplements from trusted brands.

Next time when someone tries to brainwash you with these myths, you know what to do!

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