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7 Advantages of Cloud Computing That Developers Can Benefit From

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If you have been a developer for a decade or so then, you might be familiar with the ordeal associated with being a developer a decade ago. With all the development tools, frameworks and techniques, there is no good time to be a developer than it is now. Yes, the tight deadlines, frequent requests for feature addition from clients and rigorous testing to fix bugs keep developers on their toes.

Cloud offer solutions to problems that developer face. Various cloud service providers giving solutions to all complex development problems. Among all the cloud service providers Amazon is considered to be the most powerful and flexible solution. Check out Intellipaat’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification curated by experts to make developers understand the trouble-free development in cloud service. In this article, you will learn about seven advantages that cloud offers which can make development a much more hassle free experience.

Different Service Models

Every development project is different and has its own varying needs. This means that there is no one size fits all formula. Cloud fulfills your unique needs by letting you choose from wide range of different service models and options. There are three different service models that developers can choose from.

  • Software as a service
  • Platform as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service

In an infrastructure as a service environment, everything from virtual machines, storage devices, firewalls and other hardware component is all managed but the operating system and software is your responsibilities. Updating the operating system and software, installing patches and configuring software is your duty.

On the contrary, platform as a service model covers all the hardware and software along with maintenance. This free up developers from building and deploying applications and they can easily take advantage of database, website and additional services. Software as a service model offers you a full-fledged software with all the features like a service instead of a product. You can use the software as a service without having to buy it and pay for only what you use.

Quick Provisioning of Resource

Resource management is another advantage of cloud that developers can benefit. They can distribute resources quickly and efficiently between different developmental teams. This allows developers to create new environment for building and testing websites and applications. They can create virtual machines and databases and make the most of endless cloud services to get more done with minimal effort. Additionally, you can turn off certain services and features like a switch when you don’t need them. Moreover, you can automate the resource provisioning process as well, which allows you to create new databases when needed and free up testing resources when not in use.


Businesses who embrace cloud can enjoy huge savings. They don’t have to purchase expensive hardware and spend thousands of dollars in maintenance or purchase expensive licenses. They can also reduce their electricity bills (cooling and lighting) as everything is managed by a cloud service provider. Additionally, many cloud providers also offers you different prices and pricing models to choose from. You can either pay a fixed fee for the amount of resources or can only pay for what you use depending on your needs. With fierce competition in cloud industry, businesses can get a good deal. Add to that the long term savings, improved efficiency and higher productivity, you can not go wrong with cloud technology as far as cost is concerned.


What makes cloud stand out from other technology is its ability to scale according to your needs. Unlike traditional server hosting, cloud don’t tie you to a limited resource pool. You can acquire resources depending on your project requirements. For example, you are working on a large project, you can acquire more resources and scale down your resources when you are working on a small project. This means that you can scale a portion of application easily. Just configure auto scaling and it will dynamically add more servers and provide more computing resources such as CPU, RAM and storage. You can easily scale your database with cloud by adding more power to cloud storage server.

Easy Deployment

Deploying cloud solutions and integrating them with your existing infrastructure used to be a challenge but not anymore. With advancement in cloud technology, you can easily deploy cloud solutions in no time. Many cloud providers offer developers a deployment slot which enables them to perform deployments without any downtime in a production environment. More importantly, it also allows developers to test everything first before making it go live. Developers can configure automated builds which includes everything from code deployment, auto provisioning of servers and databases along with automated testing environment.

Access From Anywhere

Unlike traditional servers, you can access your files stored in the cloud from anywhere in the world. This means that you no longer restricted to a single geographic location to host your software. Your application is hosted on different data centers located in different regions of the world. This will make your application much more accessible and make it more robust and reliable at the same time. To expand the reach of your application, you can also use content delivery network. Content delivery network is a network of highly distributed servers that entertain requests for web content and delivers the output from nearby server, delivering a smoother web experience to your users.

Developer Operations and Monitoring

In today’s agile development environment, it is important to develop, test and deploy application quickly especially with tight deadlines. As soon as a bug is identified, it is imperative to report the issue and have the right tools to release the bug fix as soon as possible. There are many tools that help you track your performance, create error logs and monitor progress. These tools give developers a unique perspective about their applications and help them react immediately as soon as an error is identified. Reaching to the root cause of the problem is not an issue anymore especially, with developer operations and monitoring tools offered by cloud service provider.

Which is the biggest advantage of cloud for developers in your opinion? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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