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6 Ways To Make More Money With Uber Clone App Like Every Other Entrepreneur

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uber clone app

Over time, by offering what customers want, Uber has become a globally recognized brand. Which is synonymous to the modern taxi booking system. Today, Uber is not the only online taxi booking app out there in the market. Many entrepreneurs have also launched their online taxi business with the help of a ready-made uber clone app that is readily available in the market.

If you are reading this article, chances are you already know about what an Uber clone app exactly is and more interested in how to make money with an uber clone app like every other entrepreneur.

Just launching your uber like app is not going to help you achieve your business goals. To ensure your business is always profitable, you have to do what other industry experts are doing to continuously grow their business.


Here is a list of 6 Ways you can increase your earnings and grow your business with Uber clone app.


1. Advertising

This is a pretty common way to earn money with any business. According to a business weekly report, strategically placed ad-space on the user & driver app can bring the most viewership and increase the rate of engagement. And if you don’t want to promote someone else’s business, you can always put the subscription and sponsorship tabs instead of the ad for better engagement.


2. Subscription-based service (Membership program)

To turn your frequent customers into regular you can start a subscription-based service. In which users can take the benefit of some exclusive features such as first priority, free cancelation, easy ride upgrades, etc. People are into online taxi service, and if you can commit to making the priority features, users are going to buy it. In return, you get guaranteed bookings on the regular basics from that particular user who chooses to buy your subscription.


3. Surge valuation

Where there is a lack of drivers available during peak hours or on special occasions, you can generate better revenue using the surge valuation method. Uber, Lyft, and OLA already use this method to generate more revenue.


4. Commission

Apart from all this the main way to generate revenue from an Uber clone app is via driver commission. For every successful trip, the company will charge to take some percent of the driver’s money as commission. This method provides an equal opportunity to entrepreneurs and drivers to make more money. Combined with the fast and secure payment methods, managing commission and revenue become easy.

5. Referral promoting

Simply asking users to share their experience with friends and family and ask them to use your service is not going to give you more business. You have to offer some sort of incentive to your users. By offering referral promotion that allows both the user and their friend to earn free bucks is a good way to start with this. However, you can also offer free rides or a special discount to your users on every referral. This will help you grow your brand and business at the same time.


6. Different services

When we are talking about Uber we are generally talking about the taxi service. However, in the world of the business uber clone is more than just a taxi app. It is a modern on-demand business model that allows businesses to manage their service online via mobile app technology. Not just a taxi app but you can start a food, grocery, courier delivery business with uber clone app. Or the best combine more than two different on-demand services and grow your revenue along with your business.


If you are running a uber clone business or thinking about starting a uber app. Using all the above-mentioned strategies will help you to make your business rain money all the time. However, along with these strategies, modern features that are meant to provide functionality is also important. Here are some of the important features that your uber clone user and driver app have-to-have.


Uber clone app comes with three different app panels, including user app, driver app, and the admin panel. Combined together, these different app panels create the perfect environment that supports the online service booking business. Here are some of the features that each app should have:



Uber clone user app features

When it comes to user apps, you have to focus on user comfort and security. Adding features that offer easy access, quick booking, and safe ride options become very important. Adding an advanced GPS system that provides accurate real-time tracking is where you need to put your main focus. Here is the list of features you need to have in your uber clone user app.

  1. Easy registration and Sign in
  2. Push notifications
  3. Social media login
  4. Account Management
  5. Quick bookings
  6. Live tracking
  7. Live chat with driver
  8. Real-time updates
  9. In-app payments
  10. Ratings and reviews
  11. Offers and promos.
  12. Phone number masking
  13. Share location
  14. Secure online payment option

Uber clone driver app features

Thinking about your staff (your drivers) make sure to give them an easy registration option. So that they can connect with your company directly with the uber clone driver app. Apart from that make sure to have the following features:

  1. Unique Driver profile
  2. Quick registration
  3. Upload documents from the app
  4. Use social media for login
  5. Set availability
  6. Accept/decline ride request
  7. Ride details
  8. Track payments
  9. Push notifications
  10. Previous and upcoming trip log


Uber clone admin features

For easy business operation, an admin panel with advanced features is a must. After all, you are going to manage your entire business from only there, make sure it got the following features:

  1. Create sub admins
  2. Multi-level admin access
  3. Detailed business insight
  4. Complete Dashboard
  5. Driver management
  6. Passenger management
  7. Analytics and reports
  8. Manage payment accounts
  9. Block driver/user
  10. Add/edit/delete various profiles


Wrapping Up:

Uber clone app is one of the easiest ways to start a new online business. By getting the right uber clone solution and employing the right business strategies you can easily generate better revenue from your new uber clone app.


Seeing the popularity of the uber clone app, mobile app development companies have already created the ready-made solution for the uber clone app. So that you can start your business as soon as possible. Save your time and money, get in touch with a globally trusted mobile app company and get yourself a powerful uber clone app.

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