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6 things that should always be discussed with your gynecologist!

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Talking to a gynecologist is important for women to address concerns about physical changes that may be occurring in their menstrual problems, health issues, etc. However, it is essential to provide your doctor with the correct and complete information so that they can treat you properly. Hence here are 6 things you should speak to your gynecologist about:

1.      You and your family’s medical history

Your gynecologist needs to know about any history of diseases your family may have because they may be hereditary. These include blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. Your medical record is even more critical because it will allow your gynecologist to assess you more accurately. Information includes your first day on your period if you have any allergies if you have irregular or regular periods, any sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the medications you may currently be taking.

2.      Uncommon symptoms

If you are going through any symptoms that may come to you as unusual such as pain, excess weight gain or extreme weight loss, feeling nauseous at times, tenderness in breasts, or spot, then it is best to mention it to your doctor. Alongside this, it is essential to note how long it has been since you have been feeling this way and the severity of the pain. Moreover, saying about the consistency of the symptom as well as if you are currently taking any medications for it will also be helpful in your diagnosis.

3.      Eating and habits

Telling your gynecologist about your eating, drinking, and sleep habits are critical. Examples of this include whether or not you exercise or drink alcohol regularly, or smoke. This will allow them to assess your situation better and treat you accordingly.

4.      Sexual activity

It is essential to inform your gynecologist of your current as well as your past sexual activities. This is because if you are, for example, having pain during intercourse currently, then they will need to know why that maybe. If you have had any sexually transmitted diseases, it is best to inform your doctor so they can proceed with the appropriate treatment methods.

5.      Birth control

Informing your gynecologist about whether you are currently on birth control or are using any other form of contraception is significant. This is because sometimes birth control pills also have side effects that may be impacting your body a certain way. Hence it is essential for your doctor to know so they can assess the root cause of the issue.

6.      Pregnancy

If you are trying to have a partner, you can let your gynecologist know so that they can guide you on topics like pregnancy tests and the early signs of pregnancy.

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