September 18, 2021

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6 Simple Steps To Repair Your Refrigerator At Home| Diala Technicians

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Repair Your Refrigerator

My refrigerator is not cooling as it does normally. It is the most common complaint received by the clients. It seems very frustrating to troubleshoot the major issue. Maybe the clogged wires can cause poor cooling in the refrigerator. You need the right tools to identify the issue and fix it yourself. However, it is better to hire experienced technicians to repair the refrigerator with zero hassle.

Contact Diala Technicians to get professional refrigerator repair services at affordable rates. Before you try more complex repairs, get a consultation from an experienced technician. Follow this step-by-step guide to identify and fix the issue at home.

1# Collect all tools:

Before you start repairing the refrigerator, you need to collect the right tools. Collect screwdriver, cutter, socket set, a ratchet set, and wire stripper before doing it yourself. Set up condenser fan or evaporator fan before starting this process. When you get refrigerator repair services, it saves you from unnecessary hassle to find the right tools for repairing tasks.

2# Identify the problem:

Make sure that you have unplugged the refrigerator. Check the thermostat, vents, and coils to determine the issue. Make sure that nothing has been stuck in the condenser fan. For example, if your refrigerator is not cooling enough but the refrigerator’s compressor is running normally, there are chances that the evaporator fan is not working properly. Let’s fix the issue.

3# Remove the fan’s cover:

At the back of the freezer, you will find a cover to your evaporator compartment. Remove it to inspect the issue. Remove the screws that hold the cover at the back. It will expose the inner fan for examination.

4# Check evaporator fan and remove it:

Check whether the evaporator fan is spinning. Check if it is making a noise or not. Remove the screws and removes the fan. Remove the mounting bracket from the old fan motor. Unplug the wires and install a new fan.

5# Find condenser:

If your refrigerator is not working after replacing the evaporator fan, you need to repair the condenser fan. Unplug the fridge and remove the back panel to access the compressor and condenser. Determine the issue and plug-in the refrigerator. If the compressor is running accurately but the fan is making a squealing noise, you need to replace it.

6# Replace the fan:

First, remove the old bracket from the fan. Then, cut all old wires in close proximity to the old fan. Reinstall a new fan in the bracket at the back of your fridge. Reinstall the back cover and plug your fridge. Monitor its working over the different duration.

Your fridge is ready-to-use again. Now all the food items will remain fresh and flavorsome all day long. Although these are very simple fixes yet you need to hire expert technicians to monitor every single detail carefully. They will save time and money. It will also help to reduce your electricity bills. It is always easy to leave your job on the expert technicians and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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