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6 Reasons Why You Should Get An AWS Certification This Year?

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As we all know how it is difficult to get a top position in an organization in this competitive world, but it is possible when you have unusual skills like AWS Developer, AWS solution designer, DevOps Master. As you learn the reasons for making AWS certification, we should first clear our minds and briefly know about AWS for beginners, students, and students.


What is an AWS certificate?

The AWS platform (Amazon Web Services) provides On-demand computing services for personal, business use, and government projects on a paid subscription basis. AWS is an application that allows you to use web resources to build lost and complex programs that provide your business features. The features include storage services, development and management tools, analytics services, content delivery system, messaging services, computer, data management, program services app, payment services, mobile network, and on-demand staff.


Why does AWS become the God of Cloud Computing?

We all know that is well known for its ability to transform the USA retail market by providing cheaper, faster, and better services to customers. AWS cloud computing solutions follow in the same way as, offering all types of computer services that are more economical, faster, and better than others.

The three main features of AWS services are:

  1. AWS saves organizations.
  2. AWS is popular because its offering is unique to business and business as it is available to startups, small businesses, and large businesses.
  3. AWS is very secure because AWS currently has many data centres that are constantly monitored and secured, and they try to keep their data centres as secure as possible.



  • AWS Certificate Considered and Achieved:


There are now tons of cloud computing certificates issued to various retailers, but Amazon is the only one with its low-cost certificate.

However, getting an AWS certificate is not easy, but you must have the necessary knowledge needed to pass. Some of the certificates known to various experts are that many wish to leave the current job to get certificates and pay expensive training fees. This is not a problem with the Amazon AWS developer AWS certificate and AWS training and certification solution building certificate in which case you will be promoted to your current company with the job position you are looking for.

As mentioned above, there are two necessary certificates that you need to follow:

  • AWS Certified Cloud function
  • AWS Developer Coordinator
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Merge

As an expert recommends that you can’t learn these skills in online training because professional industry professionals deliver classroom training with a lot of experience in their field, they can bring you real-life examples and case studies.



  • Wanted Skills Always Earn More Money !!! Right?


This does not mean that you can earn a higher salary after obtaining a certificate, depending entirely on your understanding of AWS and technical skills.

As, the chart above, you can see that AWS certified AWS earn above average by merely acquiring the necessary skills.



  • AWS Becomes the God of the Cloud:


According to Gartner’s report, AWS is growing more than ten times than its 14 competitors combined. Their competitors are not a small player and are a well-known name in the cloud computing industry. Some examples include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace, and Joyent (Read AWS vs Google Cloud Article). Simultaneously, busy competing with each other as wishing the software industry didn’t see a great opportunity? Yes, AWS develops cloud certification is growing. All the major organizations working in AWS, so you need to take this opportunity and become a certified AWS engineer as soon as possible because we all know the competition in the software industry.



  • New heights in your technology:


If you need to improve your skills or expertise in the field of cloud computing, “then” AWS certification course is best for you. AWS certification will enhance your continuity with your profile. Still, as such, you should have AWS knowledge of the doctrine and also that once you have prepared your way by doing the first certificate “then” you can go to another certificate or advanced certificate in this field.



  • An easy way to get into the advanced AWS community:


When you get an AWS certificate, you are eligible to join the AWS LinkedIn community where AWS certificate graduates can view and connect with certified professionals around the world. They can further receive invitations for many international events or AWS conferences, free tutorials, exams orientation, Live coding technical demos, and launching announcements that should be prepared to continue AWS projects or certification tests.

When you join the AWS certification community, Amazon will share a “certified Amazon logo” with a digital badge to incorporate your technology.

We all know that the AWS Cloud platform is in high demand right now and works with fortune 100 customers, so AWS continues to develop new tools and share all the updates in their community to help certified AWS professionals.

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