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6 Gadgets that Make Your Smartphone A Smarter One – Let’s Try Them

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Whenever you show your phone to your mother or grandmother, they get surprised. Why? Because in earlier times people use cell phones to make calls. But nowadays, a phone is more than just making and receiving calls.

You cannot imagine what your Smartphone can do? With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can use your phone to control many things such as switching off and on lights, it does not matter you are at your home or not. 

There are so many features assemble in today’s phone that is more than we expected. You can use some EXTERNAL GADGETS to make your device more dominant and attractive. There are so many devices and we have mentioned the TOP SIX AMAZING GADGETS of all time. 

Let’s have a look at them…


Are you getting angry when you are not able to find your key when you need them most? 

If yes, then HONE is for you. It is a gadget you can connect with your phone with the help of Bluetooth. And you have to attach that device with your key rings. And whenever you press the find button on your phone, the gadget will emit the sound and light up. 

Note: This gadget is only for I-phone and I-pod users. 

5. Geode

Smartphone A Smarter

 If you worry about your physical cards and membership cards, then you can transfer the card information to the provided geode card. All you have to brush the card and say a credit card. You can use it as you use your original credit card. 

One more important thing that the information you will transfer is going to be temporary. So, you do not have to worry about its. 

4. Tod

This coin-shaped device can give you several benefits. With this, you can easily find out the location of your children or any close one. Whenever they tried to make an undecided departure, then you will get the notification or mail on your phone. 

3. Solar charger 

Charging a phone is one of the most anxious things especially when you are on a trip. But with the solar charger, you can easily charge your phone whenever you want to. It does not require any type of socket, all you have to put the adapter in sun. 

2. Google cardboard

Many times people want to experience virtual reality but price tag resists them. If you are doing the same thing, then you do not have to. Google cardboard can provide you a fun and simple virtual reality experience in an economical way. 

You can enjoy it by just downloading an application and you can play any 360-degree video on YouTube. 

  1. NFC Smart rings

This ring is not a simple ornament that you generally wear. In this NFC (Near Field Communication), technology is used to make this a SMART RING. However, the interface is similar and it can do something, which normal rings don’t. 

With this technology, you can communicate with your Smartphone and can perform various tasks such as blocking apps, Play music, share messages and links with your friends and relatives and many more. 

If you want to buy them to make your cell phone more technical and amazing, you have to do little investment. Moreover, you can easily bear the cost of these gadgets with the help of your savings. If you think that you do not want to disturb your budget. In that scenario, you can opt for borrowing assistance such as Instant loans online in the UK.

You can see the definition of the phone has been changed. And with these top gadgets, you can use your cell phone at different levels. 

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