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September 28, 2021

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6 Different Types Of Profit-Generating Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial real estate is a more profit-generating investment than home investment. If you want to earn a passive income, commercial real estate is the best solution. The official categories of commercial real estate vary from country to country. However, commercial real estate has been divided into 6 categories in New Zealand. Let’s explore them. Commercial investors need to understand each type of property before going to invest in it.

1# office buildings:

The office buildings are divided into low, mid, and high sized buildings. The location of the building and availability of facilities in the surrounding are the major factors to determine the profit rate. An experienced property buyer’s agency in New Zealand suggests investors to invest in Central Business District properties because they yield high profit. Moreover, mid-rise structure of suburban buildings is also good optionfor first-time investors.


2# Retail centers:

Regional malls, out parcel places, community retail centers, power centers, and shopping centers are included in this category. It is easy to attract anchor tenants. Verily, an expert property buyer’s agency in New Zealand finds the best retail center for investors to establish long-term integrity. Such retail places offer multiple opportunities to expand your business. Additionally, the prices of retail centers always go up and they are easy to resell.

3# Hotel or restaurants:

Full-service hotel, extended service hotel, café, and limited-service hotel located in the center of a city are the biggest source of income. A top buyer’s agency in New Zealand advises the investors to invest in hotels or restaurants located in the populous suburbs. Even you can turn your hotels into restrooms in tourist places. However, this type of investment contains risks.

4# Industrial properties:

The warehouses, manufacturing houses, garages, and industrial places are included in this category. Make sure that your industrial property is linked with major highways and easy to approach by your employees. This type of investment contains less risk. However, the prices remain static over time, if located outside the city area. Moreover, the prices will go high, if developmental projects have started in the outskirts.

5# Multi-family properties:

Mid-rise apartments, high-rise apartments, and garden apartments are the best rental units. The main of this type of property is an investment. If you want to earn passive income from multi-family properties, you can contact any top buyer’s agency in New Zealandto get an accurate picture of the market analysis. Usually, students, foreigners, and new couples look for such rental apartments. All you have to do it to keep an eye on the check and balance of the building.

6# Land properties:

Agriculture land, Greenfield land, and brownfield land are included in this category. These places have less competition and generate over time. The growth of infill properties associated with the development of urban areas. You can convert land properties into a farmhouse, rest house, cattle farms, and orchids. Brownfield land can be re-used again. You can generate rent from land properties.

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