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September 26, 2021

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6 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid In Your Home

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A bathroom area is the most ignored by homeowners. Maybe it is an expensive proposition and isn’t the central part of the house that guests see. But, bathrooms are used daily by several people and hence, call for a well-planned design.

To build an ideal living space, it is vital to pay attention to all the parts of the house (including bathrooms) equally and think of an appropriate makeover. By doing so, you can customize the home as per your tastes and preferences and add up to its overall value.

But if you are a first-timer, be careful of your moves and the decisions you make. Don’t end up making these mistakes when designing your bathroom –

  1. Not Creating Enough Ventilation

Bathrooms are highly humid areas and require fresh air moving around to keep the suffocation and germ build-up at bay. But, with tight insulation and construction of bathroom models, it is being ignored nowadays. This has resulted in indoor pollution and never-ending mold growth problems, further devastating the condition of the house and the health of the people living in it. If you don’t want such troubles, install windows and exhaust fans.

  1. Going Bigger than Needed

Oversized bathrooms are luxurious but do you absolutely them in your home? Well, not necessary. They are surely tempting but not always practical. So, you have to be thoughtful about your actual needs and layout of the property before increasing a single square inch. Remember, there are better tricks to make a small bathroom efficient and appear larger – you don’t have to knock down the walls.

  1. Ignoring Your Lifestyle

People make the biggest mistake by basing their bathroom design on what they see in magazines or their friend’s homes and not what is needed by them and their families. But, it is crucial to assess how you want to use the bathroom space. You cannot go on with a minimalist design if you have lots of stuff that require storage. Even a large bathtub is a waste if you aren’t going to use it often. On the other hand, a sitting bench is great if you have kids to dress up or elderly parents to offer support.

  1. Placing the Toilet Seat Wrong

Ask any experienced bathroom designer, and he will tell you that installing a toilet seat in the front or center of the bathroom isn’t a good idea. Not only is it unflattering for a modern layout, but it also cuts down on privacy, especially if it is next to the living room. So, if you don’t want it to be in sight of the guests while sitting on the couch or your friends when they are chilling with you in your room, be wary of where you place it.

  1. Forgetting About Natural Light

A dark and gloomy bathroom is a major turn-off for a busy mind. You want to be relaxing there at the end of a hectic day and not feel cramped into a horror space. So, if you happen to redesign your bathroom as a part of your home renovation project, use this opportunity to bring in lots of natural light and create the illusion of a bigger, brighter, and happier space. Use huge windows with blinds to get dual benefits.

  1. Buying Incompatible Fittings

This is another common mistake made by homeowners when designing or remodeling their bathrooms. They choose faucets, showerheads, and toilet seats that don’t fit the pipes installed. So, consult a plumbing professional first. Know the water system and consider the aesthetics of the sink, and then choose suitable products. Keep your doorknobs, showerheads, and mirror frames of the same color tone.



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