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6 Benefits of Office Visitor Management System: Get to Know

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office visitor management

Regardless of whether they are public or private, many companies and institutions appreciate various resources that can guarantee the effectiveness of their routine and security. Technology analysts are investing more and more, not only in good internal network control, but also in the possibility of providing internet for external audiences, such as customers and visitors.

The Visitor management system, the name given to the tool that makes this action easier and safer, is an interesting solution for many corporations. For this to work properly and to be in accordance with corporate policies, however, there are some good practices for applying the resource.

What is it and what are its benefits? 

Visitor management system is a tool that automatically controls the entry of visitors to a public or private network. Sure, you’ve already entered a mall, for example, and had to go through a basic registration when trying to use Wi-Fi. The tool that allows this is precisely the visitor app, which controls income on a public or private network.

Among the innumerable benefits and advantages of the tool, we can say:

  • User identification;
  • Data collection;
  • Traceability of visitors in cases of threats, fraud or illegalities;
  • Increase in corporate security;
  • Isolation of corporate networks of companies.
  • Better practices

Although it is a resource that presents varied possibilities, some instructions are necessary for the use of the visitor badges for office to be efficient and positive. Below, we have selected some good practice suggestions that technology analysts and managers should consider when applying the tool.

Simple registration

A practice to establish good access by office visitor management system is to determine an optimal registration process to control this entry. Thus, it is possible to monitor who is using the Internet and who is abusing it. In addition, valid data can also be captured to help provide better user information and to enable future use as a business approach.

Access standardization

In addition to an isolated network and good band control, it is essential to standardize access. This means that user validation must be passable for use for only a certain time and, to reuse, you need to re-enable accreditation on the portal. This is a security measure so as not to use access improperly.

Network security

External user security is essential. For this reason, it is very important that analysts and technology managers request this type of defense. A good way, for example, is to exemplify what will be done with the data obtained in the registry and the way it will be kept; seeking to make it clear that it is confidential information, and therefore, everything will respect the privacy of the visitor.

Once all of these good practices have been executed efficiently, the visitor management system will bring countless benefits through dual-hand communication – both internal and external.

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