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5 Ways Smartphones Can Save You Money – Best Apps

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5 Ways Smartphones Can Save You Money

Everyone wants more money. Social networks are filled with advertisements for trainings of successful millionaires. Every other one teaches business, investing or trading. But we have different information. To get rich, first, learn how to save money. Your wallet will be fatter if you spend wisely. We tell you how mobile apps teach you how to handle your money properly. You can also find savings apps on appslikethese.

Why Is It Hard To Keep A Budget?

Psychologists talk about fear. People are afraid to look at their income objectively. When you save money there is a feeling that there is simply no money. But the truth is better than credit and debt. If you learn how to spend money, you will learn how to multiply it.

In turn, financial experts identify several reasons for reluctance to write down expenses:

Lack of goals

People don’t know how much they should be earning and what they should be budgeting for. They don’t know how much of their income is spent on food, vacations, clothing, or whether they need to save money.

Incorrect deadlines

Analyze expenses after 2-3 months of recording all the data. Usually, patience is lost because it’s hard to write down every purchase.

No analysis

Recording data is not enough. It is important to understand where the money is spent and which budget items to cut. If 40% of income is spent on entertainment, it is more correct to cut spending to 20%.

Negative information

Alas, but budgeting causes unpleasant emotions. Many people come to the conclusion that they are wasting money, get frustrated, and don’t want to keep statistics. This is the wrong approach. With a cool head, accept the truth and try to rectify the situation.


You need to write down all expenses. Many people don’t write down small purchases, but in reality, they can take away substantial funds. 

Complex tools

Notepads, formulas, programs on the computer tire you out, or a person simply forgets to write things down. So it’s better to use mobile applications. If you make a purchase in a store, you immediately enter the expenditures into the application. No need to keep numbers in mind.

Top 5 budgeting apps


Easily analyze expenses and forecasts on the state of your finances. The interface is based on a chart with a visual costing. You immediately get an understanding of what you spend the most on. Data is editable and money is transferred between accounts in the app.


There is an accounting of money via bank SMS, which means you do not need to enter data manually. Automatic recommendations on what to save money on. Integration with different devices. In addition, the application analyzes income and expenses for different periods, helps to make forecasts and has a lot of other useful functions.


The app has pretty minimalist functionality. So it won’t take more than a couple of seconds to enter a purchase into the database. Strong-minded people can take a look at the expense statistics section. After this, many people are guaranteed to start refraining from unnecessary change that they used to grab from window displays without thinking twice.

Daily Budget

If you want to start saving for something more substantial than lunch at the dining room, this app will help you get a grip and figure out your daily spending. You start by typing in your monthly income, designating the amount of standard monthly expenses (such as utility bills), and indicating the percentage of your total income you want to put in the piggy bank. After a little thought, the app will give you an amount that you can safely spend throughout the day.


The app has an interesting breakdown of the data. It Shows the amount of money in your wallet so you have enough for purchases. The program has Handy charts and reports on expenses and income, as well as information on credit cards, deposits, and debts.

Recommendations for use

Test different apps

Read reviews, and make a list of apps. Use each one for 1-2 days. Choose the one you are comfortable with and start using it all the time.

Break down spending items into large groups

If you buy food at the supermarket and at the market, create one “food” group. Don’t split up your expenses into many small folders. It’s easy to get confused and quit counting.

Draw your first conclusions after 2-3 months of accounting

You’ll have an objective picture of your expenses. It’s easier to figure out how to cut your expenses.

Keep track of all expenses

Even small purchases of a few rubles. Don’t be lazy and enter the data into the app right away.

Don’t be afraid

Many people don’t want to face the truth and realize that they mismanage their money. Why are they always in short supply? Maybe because you spend $500 a day, but your budget only allows for $200. Apps will put your budget in order and teach you how to do without extra credit.

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