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5 Trial and Tested Ways To Use Social Media To Scale Your Online Presence

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Social Media To Scale Your Online Presence

Whether you want to hire an online essay writer or rent a flat in your neighborhood, social media is the go-to option for many. And why not? Social media isn’t anymore just a platform for making new friends or sharing your personal thoughts with them. It is a perfect platform for networking, creating and sharing content, and making your business visible to your target audience out there.

Nearly 3.5 billion people were active on social media in 2020 alone. 49% of consumers rely on recommendations from influencers on social media. 71% of consumers are likely to recommend the brand they have had a positive experience on social media to their friends and family. In short, social media is what you need to achieve maximum online success. Here are the top five ways you can use social media to scale your online presence.

  1. Set clear social media goals

54% of social browsers depend on social media to research products. That means, if done right, social media can help you take your business growth to a whole new level. But, you need to set clear goals to make the most of social media. Let’s say you want people to hire essay writers from your business on social media. Which social media platform would be best for this industry? How frequently should you post content on social media and what type of content should you go for? There are so many questions you need to ask yourself before leveraging social media for your business. Thus, it is important to set clear goals to not spend time on social media aimlessly.

Here’s how you can set social media goals for your brand:

  • Specifically, identify the social media channel that suits your brand’s purpose.
  • Decide the response rate that you can provide to your target audience.
  • Come up with small, achievable and manageable goals.
  • Settle on a specific time period based on when you want to meet your goals.

It will be easier to get the results you want once you have established your goals. Also, make sure the social media goals are relevant to your brand’s mission and vision. Create a plan based on your goal and stick to that plan no matter what.

  1. Focus on the right channel

Over 66% of marketers generate quality leads by spending as little as 6 hours a week on social media. You can also achieve the same only if you focus on the right social media channel. With an overabundance of options out there, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right option for the online presence of your business. Here are the factors to consider while choosing the perfect social media channel for your business:

YouTube Video Marketing 2021

  • Social media goals– Let’s say you want to increase brand awareness. In that case, Facebook’s advertising platform can come in handy to you because it has a great reputation for generating high ROI. Similarly, if you want to enhance lead generation, Twitter and Facebook are the most effective platforms.
  • Target audience analysis– Analyse the channels where your target audiences usually spend time in. Targeting those can help you increase your chances of conversion.
  • Competitor’s analysis– Competitor’s analysis provides a baseline you can gauge industry activity on. So, keep an eye on the type of content they post, how regularly they post and how many likes or shares their posts gain.

For example, let’s say you help students with their essays by providing them with qualified essay writers. So, try to track down the social media activities of other similar academic companies in your area.

  1. Increase the visibility of your brand

Having a website isn’t enough these days for lead and ROI generation. With over 3.6 billion people using social media, it is certainly one of the best ways to make your brand visible to the target audience and generate quality leads. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to create brand awareness, traffic and engagement, which finally brings quality conversions. In social media, every like, share, tweet, re-tweet and comment contribute to the overall online visibility of your brand. So, here’s how you can increase brand visibility on social media:

  • Connect with your target audience– You get to reach your target audience at the perfect time through social media platforms.
  • Use your brand logo and name– How do you expect your target audience to know about your brand if you don’t use your brand name and logo on the platform? So, use your company’s logo and name so that your target audience can distinguish between your posts with that of other marketers.
  • Persuade your users to follow your social profiles– Your clients can keep track of all your posts once you persuade your users to follow your social profiles.
  1. Use relevant video content on social media

Almost 45% of social media users watch at least an hour of Facebook videos or YouTube per week. In fact, 87% of online marketers communicate better with their target audience using quality and relevant video content. 85% of the internet audience has reported that they love watching videos on social media profiles in the United States. So, why not use interesting videos that convey your brand’s message better than lengthy textual content? Tai Lopez, an advisor and investor to multimillion-dollar business, remarked, “Follow one simple formula for social media success: live a fascinating, authentic, adventurous life and share it through vlogging.”

Here’s why should you use video content for businesses on social media:

  • Grabs attention– Videos let you be concise and attract your target audience’s attention within the first few seconds. Video contents are usually long enough to capture your viewer’s attention but short enough to leave them wanting more.
  • Optimises for search engines– Optimised video content can boost your overall search engine results.
  • Drives conversions– If your target audience watched a video all the way through, that shows they have demonstrated interest. So, the next step would be to take the desired action.

Also, make sure the videos are relevant to your industry. If you provide essay help to students, then show how your essay writers take care of the student’s papers.

  1. Interact with your target audience

Everybody loves a brand that interacts with them regularly. Interacting doesn’t mean you have to forcefully put your finger on the pulse of all the activities of your target audience. It means you must make yourself available whenever your target audience has a query related to your business. It also includes asking for regular feedback from existing clients about your services or products. Figure out engaging and fun ways to interact with your audience so that you can earn their trust and end up generating better ROI eventually.

What are the best ways to interact with your audience?

  • Interactive polls– You can conduct polls to understand which of your products or services have gained more popularity than the others.
  • Questions and Answers– You can conduct a Q&A session to understand what your target audience feels about your services.
  • Quirky Facebook or Instagram stories– Post quirky stories on Instagram or Facebook and compel your target audience to respond to your stories.

Wrapping Up,

Whether you belong to an academic industry or the entertainment industry, social media is something that you will need to make it big in the digital world out there. From school children to retired adults, social media is a big hit among people of all ages. So, it is a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness, interact with your audience and persuade them to opt for your products or services. Experiment with all these strategies while using social media to drive higher sales and traffic to your website or brand.

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