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5 Tips To Be A Better Graphic Designer Today

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Be A Better Graphic Designer

Staying up-to-date and being constant are some of the characteristics that forge design work today in a world where digital and technology have predominated for some time now.

Due to this great advance, graphic design has become an indispensable factor for any company, so its demand requires greater preparation to offer the best possible service and leave a good impression.

A graphic designer must be able to adapt to all the radical changes in the current market and know that the changes in trends and techniques are not always easy, but have the disposition to learn.

If you want to be the best designer and to cover all the requirements that the current world requests, then we present 5 tips that the creative director of the agency of graphic designing in the US recommends:

1. Staying active: When you finish university it does not mean that your studies have come to an end, on the contrary, the true formation begins that will make you discover passions and tastes, but mainly the changes take place in preparing yourself and keeping alert to what the world of digital design bestows. The graphic design professional has to continue training permanently. In this sense, everything will work “from a CSS course to one of the cupcakes. The graphic designer absorbs all knowledge and transforms it especially in logo design services. Don’t stop growing. ” Taking that leap is important.

2. Specialize: Both schools and businesses adapt to design changes around the world, agendas change, and the requirements for seeking qualified personnel as well. So it is of the utmost importance that the designer specializes and focuses on one area of ​​the design if possible, this is on his own since in school the picture in general. “If it is difficult for you to find adequate training on, for example,“ responsive design ”, imagine how difficult it is for a teacher to follow a pre-established agenda and stick to rigid rules dictated by public entities. Learn the basics and achieve mastery by yourself. ”

3. Being a master: This refers to looking for the correct diplomas, master’s degrees or seminars and learning from the best, if your portfolio is well-armed, with unique and brilliant pieces, but in addition to that it has masters and courses, it is a plus that benefits both the designer and leaves a good impression on others.

4. Pixel lover: Although it is convenient not to lose sight of the knowledge about CMYK and everything that the printed environment implies, the most demanding profiles today focus on being in front of a screen. “Screen design” is a prerequisite for finding a job in the industry today. This requires a good knowledge of concepts such as DPI, resolutions, responsive design and fonts adapted to screens.

5. Make UI / UX terms your favorite words: Rubén Martínez warns that two terms will always have to accompany today’s designer: “User Interface” and “User Experience”. As a professional in the sector for new media, it is vital to know the user experience and information architecture. At this point, the professional is alerted not only to know how to draw well or have good tastes but to exploit the skills to the fullest. Always propose and participate to stand out.

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