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5 Reasons for Buying an All Season Wool Comforter this Winter

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Wool Comforter

If you are looking for a new comforter, November is a perfect time! It is that sweet juncture of the
year when the weather gradually turns pleasant; a year-end slowly approaches with a whole
bunch of festivities, promising a new beginning. Truly, this is the time to give your bedroom a
makeover, and an all-season wool comforter is just the right fit.

How to Find the Right Comforter for You and Your Family?

If you look at the market, you would find types of comforters available at different rates. The
most common are—down comforters, synthetic comforters, and pure wool comforters.
Down Comforters: These are the comforters filled with the feathers from ducks and geese. As
we all know, the feathers protect the bird’s skin against several hostilities, including extreme
weather conditions. Feathers keep a bird’s body warm, retaining air and moisture. The down
comforters use this natural insulation technique to help one sleep comfortably.

Synthetic Comforters: Also referred to as synthetic down or faux down comforters, they replicate
the filling of natural down. They are made using mixed fabric, including cotton, rayon, and

Pure Wool Comforters: Made of fleece shorn from sheep that help in balancing their body
temperature naturally regardless of the seasonal changes.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy All-Season Wool Comforter This November

When you think of giving your house or bedroom a new look, you give your best shot at
repainting the walls, getting new curtains, replacing the showpieces, using new sheets, and
pillow covers for your bed. But hardly we give thought to the comforters and often end up
spending on the cheapest ones.

But you can surely change your old ways this November. So here are your top 5 reasons to get
a new wool comforter that you can wrap around throughout the year.

They Are Thermostatic

We would never encourage you to invest in a comforter that you cannot use during the warmer
seasons. When the goal is to have a good night’s sleep, your body temperature must be
stabilized. The thermoregulatory properties of a wool comforter regulate your core temp under
any thermal conditions. It helps your body to stay warm during the chilly seasons and cooler
during warmer times. Wool comforters allow sufficient airflow so that your skin can breathe.
These are highly recommended for people who experience night sweats or hot flashes. Also,
the season changes rapidly during November, it’s time to be a little careful. And snuggling in
your wool comforter is a great idea.

They Are Resistant to Allergens

The fact might take you by surprise but your bed can harbor countless allergens without proper
measures. Common irritants, like mold, mildew, pollen, dander, dust mites can infest the bed in
which you sleep and relax every day.

This November, prohibit all allergens from accessing your room!
The wool comforters are hypoallergenic and prevent any unhealthy infestation, preserving the
sanity of your room. And whenever you want to get rid of the fine debris, you can simply brush
them off. Also, make sure you ask your seller if you can wash it occasionally. The washable
wool comforters are ideal for regular use.

They Are Chemical-Free

When you are buying a wool comforter from a reputed store or a branded site, you’ll expect it to
be skin-friendly as well. Still, to be double sure, always check whether or not the comforter you
like is free from VOCs or any toxic compounds. Usually, synthetic comforters contain harmful
chemical substances that are hazardous to your respiratory system and can have serious health
impacts on children.

The all-season wool comforters are duly certified and do not contain anything that could be
harsh on your skin or overall well-being.
Now, it might appear to you that some comforters are treated with fire-retardants and hence, are
not completely free from risks. But several international brands use a unique coating that not
only repels combustion but is also safe for day-to-day use.

They Wick Moisture

Natural wool or fleece can soak perspiration from sheep’s skin and release it into the air. The
wool stuffed inside the comforters can absorb excess moisture without feeling damp or affecting
its insulating efficiency. A good quality, an organic wool comforter can wick away 30% of its weight.
On the other hand, cotton comforters get heavier and feel dampish after absorbing 15% of its

Don’t let your sweat spoil your lovely November nights. Sleep cozy and let your comforter keep
your skin dry and fresh.

They Are Eco-Friendly

Artificially manufactured comforters can wear out sooner, and once they are fully damaged, you
won’t be left with many options but to dump them somewhere. You must understand, filling
lands with heaps of synthetics would further aggravate the ecological balance.

The wool comforters, on the contrary, are way more durable as well as biodegradable. Plus,
once your comforter gets old, you can renew it too.

The pandemic has made us more conscious of our everyday safekeeping. We have come to
realize the essentiality of hygiene in every way of life. The wool comforters are a step ahead in
protecting your personal life and the lives of your loved ones from unwanted germs. So this
November, let’s change the future by bringing home the all-season wool comforters.

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