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5 Best Content Marketing Examples To Create Trends In 2021

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The world is moving rapidly in terms of technology, advancement, as well as creativity. One cannot use old traditional content marketing strategies to engross the audience with their brands. One has to look for working on modern trends, technical strategies, as well as creative points to hit. So that you can involve your audience with your brand, provide them with a satisfactory customer experience, unique methods to solve problems. This all can happen without offering loads of content, either on the website or on social media pages. To increase user engagement, you must start looking for examples that can help you in creating new trends for the business and industry.

The 5 Trending Examples Of Content Marketing

To enhance your recognition in the industry, one has to make sure that you are following the correct tricks and strategies for content marketing. It is essential to look beyond articles, blogs, and several other web activities. The below examples can help you create new content marketing trends in the industry for others.

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

If you are looking from a technological perspective, AI is the leading transformation in this field. Making everything computerized from understanding the human language to their next action in a natural process of development. AI understands the responses of the customers and clients, to reciprocate the response in either problem-solving solution or instructing customers about the brand. However, you can use this technology in studying the responses of your brand. It will help the brand in maintaining consistency as well as enhance the marketing creative skill for promotional campaigns.

2. Videos

In content marketing, videos are playing a prime role in gathering audience attention. It is an easily learnable format for presenting the new brand to the audience. Through videos, the audience will learn and memorize the content or its essence for a long time. To convey complex messages and information to the audience, you can use a script to form videos. These videos can be explanatory, animated, or instructional in format. It will help the audience to develop an outstanding experience to increase the customers’ engagement and satisfaction.

3. Story Telling

To change your content strategy, you can start working on the storytelling method. It is an appealing, involving, and exclusive way to present your message to the audience. Through this, you can enhance your audience loyalty as well as entertain the audience. By providing a static form of content, you can lose your charm of sharing the brand story with others. Through rhyming words, videos, and sound, you can create an exceptional format of sharing a complex message to the audience. Here, you can share real-life problems in a certain format and deliver some possible solutions. With storytelling, you can empathize with some characters, so that the audience can feel strong emotions towards them.

4. Influencer Marketing

For influencer marketing, you can hire relevant sources or professionals from urban fiction ghostwriter. So that they can help you, in presenting brand values and brand awareness in the industry. In the umbrella of influencer marketing, one can enjoy the benefits of social media posts, digital and conversation posts, with explanatory videos for easy understanding of the audience.

5. Voice Search

Individuals of this century are living in the era of virtual assistance. Smartphone users are using Google Assistance, Siri, or several other voice assistants to ease the searching process. This is also hitting right into the SEO ranking and exclusive resources. To increase the SEO ranking you have to understand the value of snippets and keywords. So that you can gain a maximum audience through your content marketing strategies.


All the brands have several opportunities to grow and improve their awareness programs and promotional activities. With the help of content marketing tools and techniques, you can gain more audience, increase conversions, and brand ROI.

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