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5 Basic Video Production Tips To Ensure A Successful Project

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5 Basic Video Production Tips

In the digital world of today, there are several ways for individuals to send messages. However, there is one medium where it’s easily understood is video.

This is because visual content is 60,000 times easily digestible as compared to textual content. That makes video the ideal choice for marketers and businesses to leverage in their marketing strategy.

However, shooting videos is one of the challenging tasks to undertake. There are many factors at play, such as making a video script and storyboard, determining video production cost, and a lot of editing to get the shoots right.

In this blog, we’ve put together some of the basic video production tips for you to get started on shooting a perfect video shoot.

1. Make A Compelling Video Script And Storyboard

Before you grab a camera start shooting, you need to have a proper script and storyboard to go with it. A shooting script is a dialogue, shots, and scenes used on the shoot, while a storyboard is an illustration of visualizing the sequence of the video. Both are these elements crucial in shooting a scene.

These two components will streamline all the processes of shooting a video for your project.

On a side note, you don’t have to put all your resources and time into working on the storyboard. You can even work on a simple series of images of your storyboard.

2. Ensure To Have Proper Backlighting

Adjusting the light is elementary in either shooting a video or a photo. This is because shadows on a captured image or video is definitely a big turn off, especially at night shootings. Therefore, it’s crucial to have backlights to adjust lighting and capture better shots. It will tremendously make a dynamic impact on your shot.

Another major element of shooting a video or a photo is to keep consistency in your lightings. It’s also critically important when you’re shooting during the day; the backlight should seamlessly blend with the sunlight to make the shot natural.

3. Leverage B-Roll For Effective Storytelling

Although A-Roll is the main part of shooting a video, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of B-Roll footage. To make a compelling video shoot, you need to adjust and utilize the B-Roll effectively.

This is because no one likes to watch talking heads talking hours on end about a certain subject. To keep the audience engaged, you need B-Roll footage to keep your audience engaged till the end.

Similar to A-Roll footage, you need to make a certain plan to leverage B-Roll footage to tell your story effectively. For instance, a chef is talking about making burgers; you could incorporate B-Roll footage of the chef making burgers. It will entice and engage the audience in watching the chef making burgers. B-Roll is truly a dynamic tool to leverage in your video shoots.

4. Never Go For One-Take Shoot

It’s never a good idea to go for the one-take shot. It’s perfectly okay to make mistakes and do retakes and try to get the best takes possible. Remember, it’s more about shooting right than shooting in one-take.

The best part of retakes is that it allows you to take better shot as they say, “Practice makes perfect.” So in order to make the most out of your shooting efforts, ensure to shoot more than one takes and analyze and choose the best one.

5. Prep Your Crew For the Video Production

Shooting videos is a challenging task to undertake; therefore, it’s crucial to have a highly experienced crew to avoid mistakes and retakes. You can also conduct pre-shoot meetings and assign everyone their tasks and what they expect during the shoots.

It’s important to give your crew clear guidelines and instructions to follow; they can perform them to their best of their abilities.

Parting Words

Even though we’ve only scratch the surface with these basic tips, these tips video production tips are sufficient to get you started shooting a video for your project.

Whether you have an explainer video production company or any other, it’s also crucial to do some editing after you’ve shot the video.

Moreover, also ensure to include B-Roll to make a powerful impact on the minds of your viewers.


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