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3 Different Ideas to Design Your Custom Lanyard

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Lanyard is not a high-tech item that is capable of any cut-edge technological task. But, it can be a great way to market your brand without investing a hefty amount. Even there are different types of lanyards available with various types of id card holders. So, you can use these lanyards and reap the benefits of them. But, how can you customize your lanyard so that it becomes more useful. Well, this article will help you to analyze the benefits of these lanyards and provide you different ideas to design the same.


How Does a Lanyard Help You?

There are a couple of benefits you can wield from a lanyard. Take a look,

  • Your employees would love to wear lanyards as there are various lanyards available that add a cool look. For example, the arm band. And it’s convenient for them. It doesn’t cause an issue while doing regular work. So, it’s much more comfortable for your employees.


  • It can be used for various purposes. For example, if you want to distinguish your team on their job role, then you can use different color on their lanyards to easily recognize them. It will help you especially when you have a big number of teams in your office.


  • Lanyards can also help you to enhance the security of your company. Earlier, any one could enter your office premises without any valid identity. And there were no options to recognize them. This used to be a bit more problematic for office owners. So, you can use the lanyards and only your employees can have access to enter the premises. This helps to keep a top-notch security measures to avoid any unprecedented incident.


You can make a variety of custom lanyard and print your own company logo on it. Let’s take a look at the different ideas you can use for your lanyard. But make sure if you order these custom lanyards in bulk then it’s better to order them in advance.


  1. Polyester Custom Lanyard

Polyester custom lanyard is one of the durable lanyards present at the time. You can get them at a very cheap price. It can be customized as per your own preferences. So, if you think, you want to advertise your company through this, then polyester lanyard can be a good choice.


  1. Woven Custom Lanyard

Woven lanyards are comfortable for using it. Even your employees would love to wear such lanyard as it doesn’t cause any sort of discomfort. You can decide the length of the lanyard at the time of manufacturing.


  1. Tubular lanyard

If you ever want to represent your company’s value through your lanyard, then this is the optimal choice. You can have a surprisingly cool appearance with this lanyard. And the best part is that it doesn’t get damaged too easily. So, you won’t have to buy lanyards on a regular basis.


There are a couple of manufacturers who take orders of custom lanyards in bulk. But make sure you talk to them in advance as it takes time in preparing a lanyard.

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