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12 Professional Autumn Care Tips for Emerald Zoysia

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Emerald Zoysia

Many people think of Autumn as a bad season because the trees and plants shed leaves and become barren. But others perceive it as a time when the old things are discarded, so new items are replaced in their stead.

This is the right time to care for the Emerald Zoysia; so that it grows back in the perfect condition in spring.

12 Emerald Zoysia Professional Autumn Care Tips

You will find tons of information on the internet regarding caring for the sod grass. But to attain the goal of having a lush green and healthy lawn, it is essential to care for the grass in the autumn with tips given by professionals.

Never Stop Mowing

Some people think that as soon as spring ends, lawn mowing should stop because growth seizes. The warm-season sod grass will go dormant in the winter so that it will grow even in Autumn. Mowing the lawn will make sure that the grassroots are getting sunlight, water, and nutrients properly. 

Watering Emerald Zoysia Sod when Needed

Rain is often expected in Autumn, and it pours a lot, so it is essential to check the weather before you start watering. You don’t want a lawn to be damaged by access water. If it has rained cats and dogs in a week, then you should avoid giving water.

Use Rake to Remove Leaves

If the leaves fall from trees and plants remain on the grass and are not picked up, they will block the sunlight reaching the grass and roots. The rake is the best tool to collect leaves so that the sod grass is not damaged.

Aeration is Necessary

Aeration is necessary for all three seasons of spring, summer, and fall. But it is essential to aerate the sod grass in Autumn because, during the summer, grass suffers from extreme heat. This process is done to cool down the grass and prepare it for the spring.

Check when to Apply Fertilizer

When you order grass from sod suppliers in Atlanta, you receive instructions from the installation team on how to take care of the sod grass. The instructions most importantly include knowing when to apple the fertilizer. It is recommended to apply it once a year. Check the soil if fertilizer is needed. 

Repairing Damaged Sod Grass

The sod grass can be damaged and turn brown and wither away if not taken care of properly. If this situation develops, it is best to call the sod suppliers like Atlanta Sod Farms, through whom you have bought the sod grass. The installation team will help you restore the damaged sod grass patch.

Pests and Weed Should be Controlled

Grass, plants, leaves are the favorite food of insects, pests, and other invertebrates. Them eating the leaves of sod grass will have an everlasting effect on the grass. You should spray pest and insect liquid on the grass. Using herbicide to remove the weeds is vital.

Gutter Maintenace is Important

You might think, how come gutters have adverse effects on the sod grass and the lawn. The channels gather rainwater, dead animals, and plants. These are not good for the sod grass, so cleaning and maintaining the gutter is essential.

Trimming Trees and Plants

As discussed in the above point that fallen leaves should be cleared from the grass. Falling of the leaves can be reduced by trimming the trees and plants as more often as possible. The quantity of the fallen leaves will be easy to pick up, and it will cause minor damage.

Keeping Garden Tools Clean

The garden tools are used for cutting, collecting leaves, trimming, and picking up debris from the ground. The tools used for these purposes have to be clean and sharp.

Pick up Pet’s Excrement

You can restrict people from walking on the sod grass. But pets are difficult to manage as they will be curious to go out and play on the grass. This will mean that there will be excrements of cats and dogs on the grass. You have to pick it up to avoid further damage immediately.

Limit Foot Traffic

Although, Emerald Zoysia handles foot traffic well and it is the best grass for entertainment and picnic venues. But it is you should limit people from going; so that the beauty of a lawn is sustained.

The following three questions must be answered to understand more about taking care of the lawn and especially sod grass in autumn.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I stop watering sod in the fall?

You will make a mistake if you stop watering your lawn in Autumn because Emerald Zoysia is not dormant in this season. So, you have to water the grass unless winter comes.

Can you water your grass at night?

No, the best time to water your lawn is either in the morning or at dusk. The reason is that sunlight is not intense at these times.

How do you take care of sod in the fall?

There are a few things that you can do to take care of your sod grass in Autumn. Mowing the lawn at the recommended time, watering once a week, clearing leaves off the sod grass, controlling weeds and pests, aeration of the soil, and applying fertilizer are some tips for the fall season.

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