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Strings Band Pakistan

Strings Band Members

Faisal Kapadia – Vocals
Bilal Maqsood – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Aahad Nayani – Drums
Haider Ali – Keyboards
Adeel Ali – Lead Guitar
Bradley D'Souza - Bass Guitar

Strings Band Latest News

Faisal Kapadia | Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye

Faisal Kapadia New Album Released 2 February 2024

Faisal Kapadia New Album Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye Lyrics

Watch Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye Album Songs - Faisal Kapadia

Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye Faisal Kapadia New Album 2024

Faisal Kapadia - Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye (Official Lyrical Video)

Faisal Kapadia | Jaadu

Jaadu Song Lyrics - Faisal Kapadia

Jadu Hai Tumhara Mujh Pe Sara Tum Jab Sath Ho

Jaadu Song Faisal Kapadia

Jaadu Song Faisal Kapadia New Video

Faisal Kapadia Jaadu Song Written And Produced By Ahsan Parvez Mehdi

Thak Sa Gaya Hoon | Bilal Maqsood

Thak Sa Gaya Hoon Song Lyrics Bilal Maqsood

Phir Milenge Mp3 Song Download (New)

Phir Milenge Video Song By Faisal Kapadia

Coke Studio | Season 14 | Phir Milenge Lyrics | Faisal Kapadia x Young Stunners

Faisal Kapadia - Phir Milenge Coke Studio

Naya Naya By Bilal Maqsood

Naya Naya Mp3 Song Download (New)

Naya Naya Video Song By Bilal Maqsood

Naya Naya Latest Bilal Maqsood Song Download


Tum Juray Ho Tou Barha Hai Pakistan - Faisal Kapadia

Faisal Kapadia, Shehzad Roy, Hadiqa Kiani

Tum Juray Ho Tou Barha Hai Pakistan Faisal Kapadia

Pyar Ka Rog Strings Band New Song - VELO Sound Station 2020

Pyar Ka Rog MP3 Song Download (New)


Pyar Ka Rog Song Lyrics Strings Band

Pyar Ka Rog Song Lyrics Strings Band

The Music Of Strings


VELO Sound Station Strings Band

VELO Sound Station Strings

VELO Sound Station, Pyar Ka Rog Song By Strings Band As Executive Producer Of The Show. Are you ready to step into the New World of Pop? Time to get your dancing shoes on! VELO Sound Station starts with a bang. Get your speakers ready, put your headsets on and turn up the volume to hear some Poppin’ new tunes on starting 20th November 2020

Dil Se Cricket Bola Strings

Dil Se Cricket Bola By Strings Band PSL Song was released on March 2020.Dil Se Cricket Bola, Strings has once again showed how cricket anthems are made. The best thing about it is that it’s not just for one specific team in the PSL or for the PSL but it’s dedicated to cricket in Pakistan. Lyricist - Anwar Maqsood, Director: Soheb Akhtar

Hum Aaye By Strings Band

Strings Band who served as judges for the recently concluded Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 4, Strings set fire to the stage with their latest single release & performed the song Hum Aaye at the finale amidst much applause. Lyrics of the song Hum Aaye have been penned by Anwar Maqsood, The song has good lyrics & an amazing energy. 

Tum Aasmaan Ho Strings Band

Tum Aasmaan Ho By Strings

Tum Aasman Ho is the 1st special Olympic anthem written by legendary Anwar Maqsood. Faisal Kapadia & Bilal Maqsood have previously used their music for social causes. The song is a humble contribution to the society to promote the welfare of its citizens with special needs & to endorse inclusivity in different walks of life for them

Strings Band Album 30 Songs & Videos List

Raat Shabnami Song 30 Album By Strings Band

Raat Shabnami By Strings

The internationally acclaimed pop-rock band Strings has dropped the final song Raat Shabnami from their 30 anniversary album. Raat Shabnami Written by Anwar Maqsood, Raat Shabnami Video directed by Yasir Jaswa.

Naina By Strings

Strings collaborate with Sona Mohapatra for Naina. Strings Naina song by is based on the poetry of Hazrat Amir Khusro, while the additional lyrics are by Anwar Maqsood. Naina video, which is directed by Sohail Javed, was shot in Istanbul, Turkey.

Chal Para By Strings

Strings announce the release of the sixth track, ‘Chal Para’ from their on-going album titled ‘30’. This album has been a huge milestone for Strings as it has bestowed them to another pedestal of success in the music industry.

Hum Dono By Strings

Strings 5th Track from Their New Album 30, Hum Dono Song is written by Bilal Maqsood, Hum Dono features Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia. Hum Dono video  stars the ravishing Sabeeka Imam and the heartthrob of the fashion industry, Hasnain Lehr.

Mil Gaya Song 30 Album By Strings Band

Mil Gaya By Strings Band

Strings’ fourth song ‘Mil Gaya’ from their ongoing album 30 takes the listener through a melodious experience with the band’s soulful vocals and smooth guitar tones. The lyrics of the song beautifully pen the thoughts and longings of a lover.

Piya Re By Strings Band

Strings has released the much-anticipated third song Piya Re from Strings album ‘30’ Titled, The song is being released in collaboration with Cornetto Pop Rock Season 3 after the critical success of their first two tracks.Written by Anwar Maqsood and Bilal Maqsood.

Urr Jaoon By Strings Band

Strings Band has released their second offering from Album 30 (Thirty): Urr Jaoon, Sung by Bilal Maqsood Uplifting song lyrics combined with an impeccable tune makes for a perfect, melodic treat. Video directed by Jami.

Sajni Song 30 Album By Strings Band

Sajni By Strings Band

Celebrating 30 years of Strings Music, The Strings Band named their new album 30 and began releasing new tracks Pakistan’s iconic pop-rock band, Strings has finally released their much-anticipated first single titled Sajni.The Sajni video, directed by Yasir Jaswal

New 30 Album By Strings Band

Strings Band Frequently Asked Questions

Strings Band Is A Pakistani Pop Rock Band Composed Of Two Members, Plus Four Live Band Members From Karachi, Pakistan.

Strings Band founded in 1988 By Bilal Maqsood, Faisal Kapadia, Rafiq Wazir Ali and Kareem Bashir Bhoy, Four classmates they called themselves Strings after the host of their college farewell party asked for their name while they were being announced on stage at the Government College of Commerce & Economics in Karachi.

Faisal Kapadia – Vocals (1988–1992, 1999–Present)
Bilal Maqsood – Lead Guitar, Vocals (1988–1992, 1999–Present)
Adeel Ali – Lead Guitar (2001–Present)
Haider Ali – Keyboards 2006–Present)
Aahad Nayani – Drums (2010–Present)
Bradley D’Souza (2015–Present)

Shakir Khan – Bassist (2004–2013)
Qaiser – Drummer (2004-2010)
Rafiq Wazir Ali – Synthesizer (1988–1992)
Kareem Bashir Bhoy – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (1988–1992)

Strings - 1990
Strings 2 - 1992
Duur - 2000
Dhaani - 2003
Koi Aanay Wala Hai - 2008
Thirty (30) - 2019
Strings Compilation Albums
Hai Koi Hum Jaisa – 2003
Tu Hai Kahan – 2003

Tum Ho 2015 Moor Movie By Jami
Ku Ku Ku 2015 Moor Movie By Jami
Chaaron Taraf 2013 – John Day Movie
Yeh Hai Meri Kahani 2005 – Zinda Movie
Aakhri Alvida 2007 – Shootout At Lokhandwala Movie
Najane Kyun 2004 – Spider-Man 2 Movie

Anwar Maqsood Saab
Bilal Maqsood

June 29, 1971

March 23, 1971

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