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The Incredible Ways to Choose The Best Tyre Manufacturing Companies In The UK

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Best Tyre Manufacturing Companies

The detrimental effects of vehicular pollution and rubber burning fuel has taken a toll on the environment. The best Tyre manufacturing companies in the UK and world over along with the car manufacturers have adopted stringent measures like stricter emission controls and higher fuel efficiency delivered by the tyres to combat the issues. They are committing themselves to sustainability with greener tyres for their passenger segment tyres.

So, How Do These UK Tyre Manufacturing Companies Deliver Greener Tires?

For that, we need to understand the fundamentals of the tire manufacturing process along with the performance parameters of the tyres that help in reducing the carbon footprint.

Reducing rolling resistance 

The very science behing tyres rolling on the road to move the vehicle is friction. Friction leads to loss of energy. This friction resists the tyres to roll over the tyres, this resistance leads to loss of energy. The rolling resistance in the tyres amounts to 5-15% of the overall fuel consumption. Higher rolling resistance reduces the mileage of the car. The best tyre manufacturing companies have committed to reducing this rolling resistance utilizing technology. 

Some of the tyre manufacturing companies in the UK  initiatives to reduce the rolling resistances are, 

  1.  Computer simulated designs for tread patterns are designed. The tread blocks don’t look like individual blocks but are continuous and connected and work together as one individual block.
  2. Stiffer sidewall construction helps in bearing the weight of the vehicle.
  3. Lesser tyre width allows for lesser contact patch with the road.
  4. Better tyre tread compounds for increased longevity
  5. The composition of tyre tread compounds can be adjusted for efficiency. They allow for harder, more energy-efficient tread. Silica-based tread compounds keep the tire cooler, which in turn help in increasing the tyre longevity.
  6. Integrating better sipe design with a tread pattern to reduce noise

Electric and hybrid vehicles are the way forward for sustainability. These hybrid vehicles are silent by nature and they require tyres that complement that silence. Top tyre manufacturing companies in the UK are incorporating and continuously improving their tread design by engineering sipe design which not only improves their dry and wet performance but also helps in reducing the noise generated at the tires.

Best Tyre Manufacturing Companies In The UK

One of the best tyre manufacturing companies in the UK – Armstrong tyres is committed to precision and craftmanship so they could deliver quality tyres to their consumers. Armstrong tyres have a legacy of hundred years of being counted amongst the top tyre manufacturing companies. And they have been resurrected by Zafco and Van Der Ban to bring back the glory years. Their commitment to sustainability and futuristic thinking as made them set up the Non-Chinese tyre manufacturing factories equipped with the state of the art German and Japanese machines to produce premium, top-class passenger car tyres, light truck and bus tyres. 

Armstrong tyres get counted in the list of the best tyre manufacturing companies in the UK for their most comprehensive warranty in the tyre industry for all their tyres including their summer range BLU TRAC PC, BLU TRAC HP and TRU TRAC SU and their all-season ‘flex’ range as well.

TUFF 360 warranty includes 6 years of workmanship and materials warranty, Mileage warranty ranging from 50,000 to 75,000 km, road hazard replacement program and the best 30 days money-back guarantee that speaks volumes about their quality.

UK Tyre Manufacturing Company

If a tyre manufacturing company take the efforts to deliver a superior quality, high-performance tyres to ensure value for money for their consumers and make sure that they don’t have to shelve out money for another set of tyres for years to come, then they are committed to building a loyal relationship with their consumers and the environment.

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